How often do you post on your websites?

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How often do you post on your websites?

I am interested to know how often everyone else posts on their websites and how long these posts are?

I've just been chatting to another blogger and he said that he posts a 3000 word post every single day and he does it all himself. He is in the online marketing niche so it is content that needs to be well written.

How on earth does someone do this? I just can't figure it out.

I wish I could write like that for my website each and every day but if I write a 3000 word post it will take me 2 full days to get it exactly right.

With keyword research, researching my topic, writing the content, adding images... there is just no way I can do a 3000 post every single day.

I am just interested to know what other people do.


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3,000 words per post is incredibly difficult unless you have plenty or rambling and run on sentences lol How often do you post on your websites?

I've posted here on SeoClerks and I think my longest was 1,800 words, but even that took a while. I knew what I wanted to write about and didn't think of how long it was going to be when I started. I might have been able to get it to 3,000 words if I stretched out the wording as much as possible, but when someone does that the text begins to be unreadable. And for anyone that hasn't read my posts, I like to get right to the point without a lot of fluff and pointless content How often do you post on your websites?

As for how often you should post, it's really up to you. I like to post at least 10 times a month and those posts are 800 to 1,200 words a piece. A lot of people will tell you that 400 word articles is enough for the search engines, but I want my readers to get all the info and feel satisfied with what they read. What's the point of giving them 400 words of content when it needs 800+ to be explained well. I never understood people when they complained about their 400 word articles not getting the traction they thought they deserved lol How often do you post on your websites?

If I were to do one extremely detailed post per day, I'm pretty sure I could get it to 3,000 words. It would just take a lot of time and I'd have to rewrite sections a few times and add in new info each time. Articles that size are pretty tough to do How often do you post on your websites?

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That's what I thought. I once wrote a post of 3 500 words and it took me just over 2 days to complete but I have to say that it was a brilliant piece of content How often do you post on your websites?

I also write what I need to say and yes there have been a very few occasions where my post was not nearly as long as I would have liked it to be... but really there was nothing more to say. The subject was covered and I don't like fluffing up a subject that is well... done. There is no point.

I always aim for at least 1000 words and if I can write it longer yay. If I can't well then I can't.

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Not as much as I'd like to! If I could I'd post every day but it's coming up with the content and writing it. Researching and writing takes a good while for good quality, truly informative articles. But it can be fairly easy to write about something you are very well versed in already and already know a lot of stuff about it. I can sometimes find I've written 1-2000 words when I'm writing about something I'm knowledgeable in before I even realize it. That applies for when writing answers and responses in the Community Discussions here and on forums and things else where as well. But it's not the same as writing and creating something that isn't just straight forward talk and articles that have lots of other things within them maybe like images, diagrams and other such media, text formatting, links and what not. So it all looks good and is proof read and is a high quality article. This takes time to do and usually, the better quality the article, the more time it took to write it.

When blogging though, I'll usually have quite a few posts saved as drafts that I'm working on at any one time. Posts that I need and mean to get round to posting, and posts that I could possibly post when I'm out of ideas and posts that I'm not sure if I should post. But I usually have posts that I'm working on for a long period of time and sometimes it can even be weeks or months before I finally hit that Publish button!

I always try to go for 1000 words minimum today. There's a famous blogging saying that goes "It's worth a thousand words" that you'll see on many demo blogs for WP themes and those words are words to live by when it comes to blogging. We all know now how longer articles outperform shorter ones. That there is direct correlation between long articles of 1-3000 words over those that are 1-300 words! But of course, the subject I'm writing on might be done and covered in 300 words or less so what else can you add to an article to make it longer without filling it with filler content you know? It's a real issue that many bloggers deal with and most of them can't be bothered to wait, think up some stuff and just want to publish it there and then and then wonder why it's not ranking very high.

One can find many many ways to extend the length of an article you are writing. Just brainstorming it, forming more questions about it and putting them as your H3's etc and answering them. Searching that subject you're writing about and finding out more things about it you can put in that article to make it more informative and valuable to people. Soo many ways to extend article length when you put your mind to it. How often do you post on your websites?

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Thanks Mike, imagine being able to easily write a 3000 word high quality posts every single day on your website? That would make me really happy LOL. Although just not realistic at all for most people.

Just like you said there are so many more things than just writing, there is the researching the content, researching keywords and adding images all of this takes some time to get done.

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Its good to do it at least 1 time or 2 times per day websites are different from social media but fresh content is important. Whether you have a blog, corporate website or ecommerce store, updating your website on a regular basis has a few benefits here is two, It’s good for SEO – Search engines love content and especially new content. They like to have long quality posts in their index to satisfy their users. A website that is updated regularly is crawled more often, has more pages in the index and more possibilities to boost SEO by applying internal linking best practices. It’s good for your users – Websites are meant to serve users and giving users fresh content makes them happier. A happy user will most probably come back, convert, register, buy or recommend your website to other people. I am not saying that this is easy as 1-2-3, you need to first get your website noticed so that it receives a decent amount of readers but once you reach to that point everything becomes easier.

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I rarely post on my current blogs. I have only 2 at the moment. One of them is personal and I only used it for testing on-page and off-page SEO ideas and the other one is on medical niche on which I write an article once per month, usually around 1000-1500 words with lots of secondary keywords, h2, and photos.

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Hi Lynne thanks for your question. Writing 3000 word content and post in a day really incredible. I am thinking now how he manage time. Is he only work for content writing? I think for making effective post need to choose topic and need to research information and need to research keyword and title and need to make image perfectly I means a lot of work. When I make a blog first time, I tried to post each day at least few 1 topic. But after some month same energy will decrease and I tried to post 1 a week. And I saw my website improved on search engine unexpected. So, still I follow at least one article in a week. That should be good.

Regards by Ajlancer

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When I launched my blogs and websites back in 2015, I published new post regularly, once in 2-5 days. When I had 20 plus articles, I stopped publishing and instead focused on marketing and optimizing. Since my blogs and websites were new, they did not earn revenue. As a freelancer, I need to work on the projects that brought me quick money. Thus, I began focusing on something else. I did not work on my websites for a year. However, I am again giving focus on my website. I have begun to publish. These days, I am putting new content once a week.

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When I was co-blogging, I would submit 1 article each week. Our blogsite would come out with 2 updates in a week, that’s one for me and another for the blogger. There was a plan to get another guest blogger so there will be 3 articles to be uploaded each week. But it happened that the blogger had to be focused on something else and he had abandoned the blogsite. I guess a post of 2 updates each week is good enough for the readers to come back for more.

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I usually post daily on my site, doing this is good for SEO and it affects my rankings. I always make sure that I'm posting only good and original material on my site.

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