How to start a freelance career as a programmer/coder/software app developer?

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How to start a freelance career as a programmer/coder/software app developer?

Hello all. I've been discussing some app ideas with some friends recently about app and script development and they're saying you should get into it and and make your own apps, games and scripts and things. But the way I see it and what I've told them is that it can take years of learning coding to become an expert in it before you can do that you can't just learn a new coding language in a weeks time and then create a killer app or game and have it on the Appstore overnight it doesn't work like that!

They're response to me is, well you're just putting objections up how do you know if you don't try? I just shake my head at them and shruggedly agree but I know that it does take more than that doesn't it. Doesn't it?

I've tried learning PHP in the past, well I say tried, I've never really but did get a book from the library about it once about 10 years ago but never got into it as I was doing music back then and other stuff but always wanted to learn something like it.

But I'd really mostly like to start learning programming languages so that I could build my own tools and things that people might find useful.

I'd more be interested in learning mobile app development for making mobile apps, web apps, games etc. And I'm actually getting into learning Python and PHP, JS too. But I'm a bit of a late comer into it all so are these the best programming languages to learn or should I be focusing on something else?

Should I learn some of the older programming languages like C++ and learn the newer ones instead like Ruby + Swift? Or what what you advise?

I'm just wondering as well before I even do, what sort of money can I make as a freelancer programmer and or app developer?

What other skills or abilities or even tools would I need to have and know about to be a successful programmer?

I hope someone can give me some expert, practical advice, experience, guidance and a point in the right direction for a newbie coder!

All would be muchly greatly appreciated! How to start a freelance career as a programmer/coder/software app developer?




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Code is like gobble-de-gook to me!

I am sure you will do well though Mike, you've seriously got the right attitude to try new things out!

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It’s never late to learn programming, everything depends on what you want to learn and achieve with it.Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities that anyone can learn programming simply by browsing on internet , video tutorials, or via online programming courses. Simply choose an programming language that you really think it’s ideal for you, if you find extremely hard to write codes, well I’d suggest start with ubot studio which allow you to build tools via drag and drop programming. Also don’t forget, money is the last thing, I didn’t started programming for money, I started because of my curiosity to know how “things” are built.

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Yeh I like the sound and look of that ubot studio. But isn't that kind of cheating? As for me money is the main thing. Sure I get what you mean and I'm the same. I'm curious how things work and want to learn how they do. I'd like to be able to write and create my own scripts and tools to do things I have to do myself or outsource! But I'd like to learn programming to be able to write, create and sell my own scripts and tools as well to earn some money with. I think if anything that would be the thing that would inspire and motivate me the most more than just be curious how it works. Is that a bad thing? Lol

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I essentially give up on learning programming. I simply have too many fail attempts and apparently don't have the time anymore to learn totally new tricks.
I know you should constantly improve yourself by learning new skills, but I think programming is a little bit too much for me at the moment. Yes, I know some basic HTML, CSS and maybe PHP but that doesn't make me a coder. I need some intensive research, tutorials and practice project to learn this stuff and I can't do it one the side and be a freelancer!

I'm a marketing oriented guy and I'm probably gonna stay like this for a long time....

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Fair enough Cristian! I respect you for your honesty. I know what you're saying. I've tried learning different programming languages in the past and I either don't have the time to put into it due to being a freelancer and having other responsibilities too. Plus I have a short attention span, I can be focused on one thing in one minute and then the next, oh look a chicken......

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You can learn the skills. And you can easily do the jobs once you have the skills. The biggest problem even for the professional freelancers is that you need to find them having some referrals always helps. I think many of us struggle with lack of recurring work. I think that is why I am working on some better rates and hopefully this should change the way things are going out. I am not sure how many people are going to be getting recurring work. I am struggling on that part and I try to do what I can to get work.

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It's hard to start a programming freelance career if you don't have a portfolio of your past work. You need to have a couple of projects already done plus some references to get your foot in the door, otherwise no one will hire you since you're just going to be a man/woman on the internet who pretends to know code.

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I began freelancing by writing on newspapers. later, I began to publish online. In my long freelancing career, I have discovered that writing is the low paid freelancing job. You have to spend hours to write a 500 word article and it is difficult to get more than $5 from your article. Graphic designing pays better than writing. You can design a logo in less than one hour, and you can earn more than $5 from your logo design. Web Programming and software developer is a high paying skill. Therefore, I am trying to learn programming and software/app development. In order to earn better, you need technical skills.

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