Can anybody help me please? (Leveling up)

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Can anybody help me please? (Leveling up)

I've been trying hard recently to level up to level 2 and I'm nearly there all I have to do I believe is withdraw some of my earnings. The main reason I want to level up is so I can sell services for under $5 but recently I've noticed that there are a lot of level 1's with services that are listed for below $5?
How are they doing this?
Also just to clarify, what level do you get the ability to sell under $5?
Thanks to anybody that can help!


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Hi bosilk, good going! Keep working at it and you'll level up soon enough! But everything you need to know about user levels and leveling up are written on the User Levels page. It shows there what you'll need to do in order to reach level 2. There are some other things you may have to do that are explained on that page before you will automatically level up to a level 2 user.

As for those other level 1 sellers selling services that are below $5. I believe that's either because they used to be a higher level and were downgraded for some reason. Perhaps for breaking the rules or something. Or they have created a service and then edited it changing the price etc. Something I don't recommend doing because if you're caught doing that it will likely get you an infraction and that will put you back to square one. And get caught doing it too much possibly even a ban like poof! Suddenly you wont exist anymore.

But yeah everything is listed out for you on the User Levels page.

Let us know if you have any more questions or need to know any more. Can anybody help me please? (Leveling up)


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Hi, bosilk,
I leveled up to 3 just by purchasing services and selling my own here on SEOclerks. I didn't make any withdrawals, just bought and sold services, left lots of feedback and made sure to keep my reputation squeaky clean. Best of luck with your leveling up! I know you'll make it, if you keep on working hard. You can do it!

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Leveling up is a great goal to have, I would work on getting more sales and making sure that you get good feedback and recommendations. You have 100% user rating which is great. I'm sure at times that it feels like it is going quite slowly but I have seen loads of people succeed here at SeoClerks.

Regarding the Level 1 users that have services under $5. Users that have broken the rules get an infraction and for a period of time are demoted to Level 1 even if they have worked their way up to Level 2 or 3.

Also Levels are not set in stone, so if you reach Level 3 and then stop putting the work in your Level can drop back down to a Level 1.

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Updates to the next level are automatic, so all you need to do is satisfy all of the requirements as stated in the User Levels page. They are very well explained over there. Once you are Level 2 you would be able to create services for less than $5. Those who can but are seen to be at Level 1 most probably were at a higher level but due to an infraction they were demoted. Focus on being a great seller, and you do not need to worry that much about the requirements as then they will come automatically and you will level up soon enough.

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Hello sir, i am glad that i can help you
Do you already level 2 ?
You can try by contacting support and tell your problem, i suggest you to contact them
Do you want achieve level 2?

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It's not possible to gain higher level by contacting support team!!! Please don't spread rumors. Leveling up is automated and depend on achievements as "IdealMike" explained above in his response, so please read more on the link he provided in his comment!

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