Storage Full? No More Space for Photos Videos or Clash of Clans Loot? There's an App for That!

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Storage Full? No More Space for Photos Videos or Clash of Clans Loot? There's an App for That!

Is your mobile storage memory full? Can't fit any more photos or videos on it or can't store any more loot you've earned in Clash of Clans game? Then here I have a solution for you, a Clash of Clans storage full fix and way to free up space on your mobile device so you can loot more clans, take more photos and store more videos and never run out of storage space again right when it's needed!

There's an app for that! Well actually, there's several apps for that.

Most mobile smartphones come with around 16GB storage space standard today. But this can soon get full up quite quickly when you're taking pictures or recording videos, downloading apps and filling them up with usage data which all takes up space on the internal storage drive. Take those people who are at the 2016 Rio Olympics, all taking pictures and recording videos on their mobiles and they're getting full up and sometimes right at the most crucial moments. Meaning they wasn't able to take a picture or record a full video of the moment Usain Bolt grabbed another gold medal to complete a triple treble!

Let's say for instance, you have an iPhone or iPad with a 16GB storage drive. Once you've got all your apps and games installed, and you've take some nice high res photos and recorded some nice HD videos, before you know it, you're full! You can of course, go on a mad deleting spree, deleting apps you like to have and it can be a real problem.

And this is something Google has been exploiting as well recently in an commercial advertisement that is shown to people at the Olympic stadiums in Rio pitching it as a reason to get their Google Photos App which can be a fix to the storage full issue that the spectators are having since it provides unlimited backup and automatic transfers from your smartphone for every picture snapped and video recorded. But just one of several solutions to get more space and let's talk about some more.

NOTE: This mainly applies for Apple devices (iPhone's/iPad'). Most Android phones don't suffer from this problem because Android mobiles come with external memory slots so you can backup your photos/videos files etc onto them for more space on the phone. Where as Apple devices don't! Although it's said that the iPhone 7 will start with 32GB of storage space instead of 16GB hopefully making this much less of an issue for people.

But here's some solutions to get more free space on your mobile device.

Google Photos App

The Google Photos App came out last year in 2015 and now has over 200 million monthly users. This is probably because of the very generous unlimited storage space that it offers. That also includes free unlimited backup and transfers from your mobile for every photo and video taken on your device. There is also automatic uploading from your PC as well but you will have to connect your device to your PC/laptop first and the images resolution is reduced a little as well but they're still great for making large high quality prints.

Other than this there isn't really issues with the Google Photos App and it provides a great way for you to free up space on your mobile by storing them in the Google app on a Google server somewhere. The app can be a bit tricky to find old photos and videos you've taken though. But the iPhone Camera Roll always was. So as a tip, try to tag the photos you snap and videos you record with some tags to make them easier to find later on.

Apple iCloud Photo Sharing App

The Apple iCloud is basically Apple's version to the Google Photos App. However you will only get a maximum of 5GB storage space free and if you want or need more it's $12 bux per annum to get up to 50GB or $36 bux per year for 200GB

DropBox gives you 2GB of storage space for free as well. You can use the DropBox app to upload your photos/videos and files to your DropBox account for free. They also give you 1TB of storage for $99 per year.

And Microsoft's OneDrive gives you 5GB of free storage space as well or you can upgrade to 500GB for $24 a year.

Amazon Prime

Amazon has a free photo backup service for its members that are subscribed to their premium entertainment and shipping service for $99 per year. There is an Amazon app which you can use to upload photos and videos from your phone to Amazon's cloud.

iPhone Friendly Portable USB Drives

You might not know this, but you know what a USB drive or USB stick is right? Well you can get them for the iPhone as well that you can plug into your iPhone or iPad and can be used to move your photos and vids other to it thus freeing up space on your device. You can find many of these on eBay and Amazon just search for "iphone usb stick" and there's lots of cheap Chinese built ones but a really good one I can recommend is the the Sandisk iXpand. I've not tested it myself but as an iPhone user you probably value your tech and like good quality stuff so this is one of the best ones on the market today. It's not exactly cheap, prices start at $40 for a 16GB version and a 64GB version for $60. Not that expensive but more cheaper than having to buy a new mobile with more storage because you've ran out of space! Find them for sale on Amazon or eBay.

The way you use it is by plugging into the charging port of your iPhone/iPad. You'll also have to download a 100MB app for it and then you can use that app to back up everything on your mobile such as your photographs and videos and any files you have too such as notes, messages, emails etc too. It can take some time to set up though and move the files to the Sandisk iXpand drive if you have a lot of photos and video recordings. But once done you'll then be able to delete those files from your device and free up space. You can then attach the device to your PC/laptop and move everything across to it.

So there we have several solutions for you to free up space on your mobile. So you can take more photos and videos at the 2016 Rio Olympics and loot more clans in Clash of Clans! Storage Full? No More Space for Photos Videos or Clash of Clans Loot? There

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Hey MIke

Thanks for sharing this. I now save absolutely everything in the Cloud because I had a bad experience a good number of years back.. think it was 6 years ago?

I was doing bookkeeping for a number of companies,freelancing from home. I had Quickbooks loaded on my laptop and my desktop. In February (yes YEAR end!) both my machines just died (completely) on the same day. Yes I had some backups but I still lost a LOT of work. In addition to that my Quickbooks was out of date so when I wanted help with it they said they couldn't offer me any assistance.

The result was that I lost a lot of my work. I managed to get everything sorted out, you know like you do when just have no other choice. BUT it was painful and an experience I never ever want to repeat.

I have learned from that experience and I changed everything to be online since then. If I take a photo with my phone it immediately uploads it to dropbox so when my phone says it's memory is full I just clean everything out.

I have nothing saved on my machines anymore and it is wonderful. 2 years back I poured a cup of coffee over my laptop. I just went out to the shop and bought another one. Within an hour of losing my machine I was back at work finishing the urgent work I was busy with.

It is a game changer for sure. I currently use Dropbox and I use Google Drive too.

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That's the power of the cloud! Storage Full? No More Space for Photos Videos or Clash of Clans Loot? There Perhaps one day in the future we wont have storage drives, whether HD or SD and everything will just be uploaded to the cloud for us in split seconds. Now that would fix this problem forever right!?

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Wish i had this information couple months before Storage Full? No More Space for Photos Videos or Clash of Clans Loot? There I was so stuck with my old Samsung Galaxy 2, even after cleaning up catches, removing photos etc I was still getting alert that memory is full and i couldn't do many things. So after I completely removed few applications and restore my phone I used it again... Anyway in mean time I bought J5 which is very good smartphone and running so smooth now Storage Full? No More Space for Photos Videos or Clash of Clans Loot? There

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Oh yes Anwebservices services like Dropbox are awesome when it comes to your phone,you can set it so that everything just uploads straight to Dropbox without you having to do a thing!

All my photos and videos are set this way.

It makes life much easier and your phone quicker too.

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Sorry Abid lol. If I'd have known that back then I'd have posted it sooner! You mean "gingerly" removed any apps right? I hate deleting apps that I sometimes use just to get more space to install other apps as it means I'll have to reinstall them again another time! One day they'll make a phone that doesn't have any internal storage at all and EVERYTHING is uploaded to your own cloud storage space that is like 100,000,000 TB or something. One day fingers crossed! Wouldn't that be cool though eh?

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I didn't know Google Photos App offered unlimited storage. That's amazing and I'll transfer everything there as soon as I get some free time. Is this the same app as ? Or is it something totally different?
Just checked now and you get unlimited storage for "high quality" images, if you want to upload original size photos you only have: Original (14.5 GB storage left)

Problem is, I've tested this before and I found that my pictures were actually public, if I copy the link of the picture inside Google Photos and paste it into an incognito? tab, I could actually access it. Not that cool from my point of view. Dropbox is way better.

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Hi Cristian, well actually yes, Google Photos Online has been around for years but I don't think many people use it but it's a part of that. I'm not sure if your images are added there or not though. The actual app can be got from Google Photos App and it has a link for both iOS/Android and web versions of it. I think there must be a setting or option somewhere to disable that or make images non-public. I think they can only access it if they have the actual link though. There was a discussion about on Reddit here Google Photos sharing: absolutely ridiculous that there's a public link with a couple links and tips on handling it you might like to know. Storage Full? No More Space for Photos Videos or Clash of Clans Loot? There

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I didn’t know that we can save photos in our phone to cloud storage. That is the usual problem that I encounter when my phone runs out of space to save more pictures. Now I can check on Google Photos and probably save a picture just to test its function before I upload all the photos on my phone. If this works then it will be a good one for the tablet as well because it also has lots of pictures and videos.

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