Are micro niche blogs still worth the trouble?

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Are micro niche blogs still worth the trouble?

A few years ago I’ve made a lot of money from developing micro niche blogs and targeting long tail keywords that nobody targeted.

I simply used to develop a lot of content, rank for top 3 positions for every keyword in that micro niche (usually no more then 30) and just living off Google Adsense as well as selling dofollow links or even banners (if I had enough traffic).

As soon as I started losing ranks I would flip the website and sell it to someone else. It was a good system. I used to host my entire web sites on the blogspot platform but having implemented my own custom domains like .com, .net or .info so I virtually paid nothing for hosting, I was hosted by Google. Made things a lot easier when I finally sold the website, I just had to transfer the domain to a new owner and make someone else administrator on the blog’s blogspot account.

Are micro niche blogs still worth the trouble?

Recently I’ve tried doing the same thing all over again. Found a micro-niche on health. My wife had some problems I won’t get into right now, but lets she is good now and I’ve learned a lot of stuff about her problem.

I’ve searched online and found very little information on this subject, all of it scattered on multiple websites. So I decided to re-implement one of my old micro niche blog techniques all over again. Things, I’ve added a few great articles, much bigger than my competition and I never made it past page 2. Were these techniques over-used and now Google doesn’t rank them good anymore or what?

Do you think I should create even more content and invest even more time? Does it all worth it in the end? I think the average monthly searches for all the keywords I can rank for is about 1000 searches. That leaves me with about 300 potential visits per month…
What do you think?


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Yeah it's harder to rank even new sites today. Nowadays, Google takes so much into consideration when ranking a new site. And the first things it looks at is your age and your on-page SEO. Your content. And you need tons of high quality content for it to take notice of you. Plus you need to work harder on building the best high quality backlinks and doing the best off-page SEO for your site these days. Not to mention have a strong social presence and social signal count.

But it's not impossible still. And it's all about testing. And Google still does rank new sites. Especially if they are in low-medium competition niches. And sometimes you can get lucky with a new domain/site and it can get ranked high by Google very quickly if it likes it. Sometimes I find this happen. But I usually start with adding some very lengthy high quality content and media, images etc into the site. The first post should be at least 3000 words long. And straight away work on your social presence and social signals and get some nice high quality links from a couple really high authority sites in your niche and it can be enough to get it ranking high in the SERPs.

But sometimes it can take a lot more than this and that's why you need to test things first. Don't go all out at first and do it on a shoe-string budget at first. See how well it goes for that site without blowing tons into it and then if it's sort of doing alright work on it a bit more, adding new content and new links/signals etc to it regularly like and then go from there. If you find that you've put a lot of content on the site and added a lot of links and it's still not really ranking for anything or earning anything you can throw it on the back burner and try something else. It will always be there and costs virtually nothing to run and be up so you'll never really be loosing money on it.

The trick is of course is to earn back what you've spent on it (domain and hosting costs) and any advertising or SEO costs etc. Then that way the site is only going to make you money. Even if it's only $1 per day. And there are many ways to make money with a site even if it doesn't get any traffic. You can sell advertising, guest posts etc etc. Or just flip it later on if you don't want it anymore! Are micro niche blogs still worth the trouble?

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So bottom line, in not to many words, the answer is no.
I don't mind spending money on domains and host, those are elementary. What I really value is my TIME.

Is a micro niche takes a lot of time to rank and the payout is low, then why do it in the first place?
Anyways I'm gonna continue working on my current micro niche, just for the heck of it. I like having such pages for SEO tests, but I don't think I'm gonna earn anything from it anytime soon.

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The method does still work, but you have to put a little more investment into it than back in the day when we could just put up 10 niche blogs and hammer out 10 to 30 pages of content and rank for months Are micro niche blogs still worth the trouble?

I have a few websites that I treat as niche blogs, but I think they've since grown into flourishing news websites. I have people writing for me, so that makes it a little easier when it comes to creating content. Actually, it makes it extremely simple when it comes to creating content. The only down side is that you have to find people who can write well and not just throw some crap on the page and call it a day. You could go about it by posting your own content, but you'll need to be posting at least once a day to show Google that your website is active. Posting a few times a month won't work anymore because Google only wants websites that are fresh with content to be shown on the top of their search rankings.

Now with micro niches people don't usually go into depth with the content. A lot of times people will even scrape and post spun content in order to generate a ton of pages, but that doesn't work like it use to. With all the updates Google has done in the last few years it's getting harder and harder to rank niche or hobby type sites. If someone is posting for fun on their website/blog every once in a while they do it for themselves and not to make money, and Google knows this. That is why they won't rank very well for short or long tailed keywords.

Treat your micro niche websites/blogs like their your main money makers and Google will boost you in the SERPs over time. I'm sure there is a probationary period to monitor what you're doing and once you're out you'll see a spike.

If you want to make money on the website, and don't have the time, I would hire a VA on the terms that you will split the profits of the website/blog. This way you get content generated and you can run a monthly campaign on the blog/website to increase it's rankings.

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I believe you can still make money with niche websites, but it does take some hard work and time to do. I never tried it back in the day like you all did because I am still quite new to working online and to blogging.

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I have come across a fellow blogger who indicates that he makes $200 a month from his niche blogs. I visited one of his blogs. He sells bicycles! I never learned how to ride a bike, so I would have never thought of this niche. Are micro niche blogs still worth the trouble? But he has got me thinking and rethinking my niche-marketing strategy.

Sharing this link of interest. It's probably nothing that you don't already know. But when sharing, I keep in mind that others are this site are still in the "beginners or newbie stage" like me.

How To Hit The Bullseye With Your Blog’s Niche |

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When we check google keyword planner tool, we can see many keywords that get good search hits, yet there are no contents with the exact match. We can tap the market by using these keywords. Since there are no good contents, we have less competition. We will own the keyword. If you want to excel in blogging, you should focus on niches that have not been covered extensively online.

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