Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google?

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Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google?

Is HTML 5 web pages better ranked in Google?

Do you think HTML-based web pages get better ranks on Google Search? Do you think search engines favors HTML5?

Apparently not, Last week, in the last Google Hangout for Webmasters a similar question was being asked by someone, are there any SEO benefits for using HTML5?

John Mueller from Google (Webmaster Trends Analyst) said no! Yes HTML 5 is a really good way to develop a modern looking websites with modern functionalities but there is no way in which Google favors HTML5 when it comes to ranking websites.

Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google?
I think keeping an impeccable clean code can actually help you rank better, just my opinion, I really do believe that having a clean code will make you website rank better, as in a ranking factor.

Remember Google reads your code and if he finds lots of dead ends and tons of useless code he will definitely mark you as website with “problems”.

What do you think? Does clean code matters or do you think any mess will do for Google?


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I like how you refer to Google as a "he" and not an "it". It just goes to show how people love to anthropomorphize Google lol. I've always known (or thought and believed) that Google looks at what's on the outside and not what's on the inside. Because we know that Google ranks content that's on that site and not the code that's within it. So this sort of backs up and validates that thinking. It shows that it doesn't really matter what platform, CMS or language your website is running on and made in. It's all about the content that's on that site that people can see, search for and read and nothing to do with the guts, nuts and bolts on the inside that put it together.

But also, indeed, correct working code that validates correctly is important as well. As are W3C standards which is why the W3C validation tool was made for people to check and validate their code. And not just the HTML either but the CSS as well. Because Google doesn't want people to have a bad UXand be sent to a site that doesn't work properly and therefore doesn't load or work properly in the browser as that creates a bad UX for that person. But it doesn't mean to say that if your code is broken and doesn't validate and meet W3C standards that Google wont rank that site highly. There are countless websites out there that have broken code that doesn't validate that it ranks high still.

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I love it when I have clean code on my websites. I feel it just runs a little more smooth and if anyone needs to go in and edit something, they can do it pretty quick since the code is all pretty Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google?

We all know that website speed is a factor in the rankings, so why not code your website in a way that speeds up the load time if only for the smallest fraction of a second. You never know what it will take to overcome your competition in the rankings and it could all come down to cleaner code to get that coveted #1 spot in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

I'm not genius programmer or designer, many of the people here know that, but I do know a good amount about marketing and SEO Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google? If I can get a website designed in HTML5 and it will help me out the slightest in the SERPs I'm definitely going to gravitate towards it. I'm not saying that it's just the HTML5 code that is giving me the boost, but if it loads faster, it will help indirectly... get it?

The code itself doesn't give you the boost in the SERPs. The load times of the pages being coded in HTML5 is what will help, if only a little bit. I've had plenty of websites coded in HTML and HTML5 and there isn't much of a difference unless you do some crazy A/B testing Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google? I haven't' noticed much of an increase from one or the other, but why go rouge when I can have a pretty site in HTML5 Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google?

And we all know that Google changes it's mind on certain aspects of a website when it comes to rankings. So stay ahead of the curve and play around with HTML5 Is HTML5 web pages better ranked in Google?

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I am not a coder and I don't even know exactly what HTML5 is..however I have to agree with what Razzy said. If your code is clean and your website just works better and faster because of this it can in this way affect your ranking I'm sure.

Yes I agree that Google is mainly looking for quality content that is relevant but there are also so many other little things that go into it too, so making sure that everything you do is aimed at improving your website functionality and user experience will help.

Oh and Mike I think Google is a "she" not a he".

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