Do you send newsletters to your members?

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Do you send newsletters to your members?

Do you send newsletters to your members?

If you own a forum, then your members are probably registered to receive newsletters. If you own a website, then you can have a subscribe system so you can send newsletters to your guests. This is a good way to keep your loyal members updated with all the latest information of your website and this is a good way to communicate the perks and benefits you offer to them to make them return to your website. I personally don’t send newsletters often enough and I should do it more to keep my members informed. If you do send newsletters, how often do you do it?

Do you think newsletters gets to a point which becomes spam?


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Yes, I do. I have in the past and it's worked well. Especially for big sites, blogs and or forums I was running. Each time we'd send out a newsletter we'd see a spike in traffic and returning visitors. But I'm not the type to send out newsletters that try and sell something as they have a very high unsubscribe rate! But rather daily or weekly digests of all the recent happenings, new posts, interesting discussions etc. And it really helps to increase engagement in those posts and discussions that have happened that day as well making them get even more discussions and responses going in them. This used to work really well for some forums I had in the past that had a large user database and the terms of the site were that in order to be a user we may send you periodic newsletter emails from time to time and most people don't have an issue with that. I mean, it's only an email at the end of day. But when you're talking about 500,000 people getting it and only 10% of them opening it and reading it that can still result in a lot of traffic back to your forum.

But I see a lot of sites and forums and that abusing the newsletter system they have and treating it like some sort of affiliate email system and sending their users things to buy and stuff like that and also sending too many as well. There is no reason why you should send someone 5 newsletter emails a day that is just too much and when someone starts doing that to me they get unsubbed faster than a paid YouTube sub.

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Personally I don’t like newsletters ..the only subscribe system that I’m using for my website are push notifications. I have installed them instead of newsletters because I think it’s more easy to attract users to subscribe, with push notifications they don’t need to type their email, but simply one click to the subscribe button. However, I think both systems have its own cons and pros, but, for my website I think they are more effective.

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I do love to get newsletters from companies I frequent and prefer to receive them once per week or less in my inbox. Any more than that, and I start feeling a bit claustrophobic and will be likely to unsubscribe.

I do have an opt-in newsletter on my website, and I try to keep the messages to once per week or less. I actually only get around to it once every two or three weeks. I try to have a solid reason for sending each and every newsletter, so its.. you know.. news. Do you send newsletters to your members? If there's nothing to announce, then no newsletter. I can always hit up my social network followers whenever, for whatever. My email list is precious, though. I do not want to lose those guys. They're my direct customers, who have expressed interest in actually hearing from me. All potential clients. I don't want to pester them too much and lose them.

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I personally feel about newsletters more like sort of spam then something i like to receive on my email. So i am also very careful how to inform my members about something new of value for them. Trying to not post too often and that's why getting better results as they don't feel like being spamed all the time.

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I use newsletter for each of my websites. I have it set up so every time I add a new post to my website it sends it out via newsletter.

I also have a newsletter series set up for all my new subscribers providing useful and relevant information that my website provides.

I have a good number of days in between each newsletter being sent out.

I have really made an effort to ensure that my blog posts and my newsletter series all send out really good quality content. I think there is a way to do email marketing and there are a lot of people that abuse it and make it spam.

There are very few companies/ people that actually manage to get this right. So many people spam me with non-stop emails and I just unsubscribe. There was one company that I signed up for that sent me more than one email every day, one time I got 4 emails. This is just abusing the system and gives email marketing a terrible name.

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I personally despise newsletters, unless it is a website that I frequent or work on. Most of time, or most of the newsletters I receive are just blatant spam to advertise products that go on sale, or try to get you to signup to some "new innovative website". If I wanted to signup for a new innovative website I would, and if I wanted to purchase products that go on sale, believe me I would, I don't need your newsletter to tell me when products go on sale... I frequent amazon. LOL

If I could post my personal email inbox, and show all the spam from newsletters I have I would, but I have to protect clients.. however it is a ton.. like 200 emails a day that I have to go through and delete.. it's truly insane, and I unsubscribe to most of it, and it still comes. It's just very annoying, so generally I don't like them but it's nice to get news or updates from websites you love.

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I don't send any newsletters for any of my own websites. But we do it for our clients.

Usually to people that already bought stuff from out clients in the past, we send them news about new products being added or even coupon codes and vouchers they can use to get a discount.

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And, as hated as email newsletters are, the big sites including and most retail sites online use them, very annoying but effective. Possibly most effective if the person who subscribed goes to the site daily/weekly or loves the site so much, they don't mind being inundated with the promotional 'spam'. Just for me, I always read the 'newsletter' if it's a site that I really like, but usually only if they are advertising actual products rather than sending me links to go read articles (who has time for that?).

My favorite daily emails by far are from the ElfCosmetics people - always amazing deal every day. Do you send newsletters to your members?

I'm selective about what I read though, in terms of newsletter subscriptions.

As a site owner, I'd probably send one, can't really see any harm in it. Not really sure how you expect to keep up with your site visitors and turn a one off visit into a buyer. Though possibly, if your site is good you could close on the first visit? Not sure that kind of conversion is possible, but if you have the trick for it, then likely you don't need those newsletters to stay in touch with randoms who visit your site.

For everyone else, a newsletter/email subscription could be a good way to convert.

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I thinking in this direction since my site is still very new,I really like the idea of keeping my subscribed members updated about my sites, at least this is part of creating more awareness and reminding them to check into the site for new posts or information about the blog.Will be quickly adding this to my site and see how it helps improve the well-being of the site.

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