Backlinks from Adult websites - problematic?

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Backlinks from Adult websites - problematic?

I've done tons of backlink researchers in my time and I've seen some really strange things over the years.

In one of my last competitor analysis, I've fond a website that was a shaving razor company, with A LOT of backlinks from porn and adult related websites. Something like 70% of its links to be more exact. And almost everything was anchored on keywords like "Viagra".

Now, compared with the other analyzed competitors, it had the best ranks, the best domain and overall score on authority. I was baffled.

Backlinks from Adult websites - problematic?

How did one get so many unrelated backlinks from Adults websites?

  • the backlinks were bought by the website itself to improve its authority. But it bought from an low quality seller that sold low quality backlinks
  • the backlinks were in fact made by the competition in the hope they'll get the website penalized by Google

So why wasn't this website penalized? Why was is rankings so good?

Apparently, Google doesn't see adult websites as spam:

John Mueller - Analyst at Google says, Quote: "Adult sites aren't automatically spam, and links from them not automatically unnatural / problematic. "

So yeah, some adult related links won't hurt you so don't freak out if you get any.
I'm not saying go out and buy adult backlinks they're fine, but they defiantly won't automatically hurt you either.


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OMG Cristian that is so funny. I would have thought that adult backlinks would be a serious problem for your website?

Something that concerned me with adult websites is that I had an online baby store until recently and I really wouldn't want my baby store to be associated with porn or adult websites!

I have now changed that website from an online baby store to a mommy blog, so I still wouldn't be pleased finding adult backlinks LOL. I also have an addiction blog and I am going to be adding content about sex and porn addictions... so no thanks, no adult links for me there either please.

So back to what you said, are you saying someone purchased spammy backlinks for a competitor in the hopes that it trashed their website rankings and got them penalized by Google? OMG that is just so low!

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Yep, they were almost definitely bought made by the competition.
There is simply no other explanation, not even the worst fiverr sellers will sell such low quality links with that specific anchor attached.

I know its low, but it mat be effective if done correctly. I have to admit I tried a similar approach for a client that had some sensitive information content about him on a website that refused to take that specific content down.

I've tried everything from spammy blackhat SEO to contacting Google for de-indexing that specific article. Nothing worked. I eventually managed to target the exact keywords on multiple domains and outrank that article from the first page of Google.
It's still indexed, but at least it's not on the first page anymore. Anyways, this shows once again that you won't get panelized over-night for having spammy backlinks, especially if you have good domain authority and domain age.

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Hi Cristian

Yes I'm sure it does take quite a lot of underhanded tactics to get you penalized by Google if you have a good domain authority that is aged.

So just out of interest what is to stop someone from getting one of my websites blacklisted by Google by doing the same thing? Is there not a way to take action and get the penalty removed?

This really is a nasty thing to do. It is nice that in that case you mentioned it backfired.

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You probably have the option of contacting Google and letting them know about the spam attack. I guess if it also looks like an attack they will probably remove or ignore those backlinks.

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This is interesting. I have a lingerie website. The website is not a porn website, but it features images of women wearing few clothes. Since Adsense does not approve of such contents, I have not used Adsense on this website. The only monetization method I have used on this website is affiliate networks and some of the ads are for adult toys. If Google does not penalize backlinks for adult websites, I may do this for my website.

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I guess viagra is a very popular term not really because of the connotation to sex but it is a needed medication by older men. It is only appropriate that viagra would appear in porn sites and I guess it will get a lot of hits. I had checked on some porn videos and it was really surprising that most got a million views. That means there is a big number of viewers for those porn sites.

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Thank you for the answer, it will help me a lot.

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