The Internet Celebrates its 25th Birthday Anniversary

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The Internet Celebrates its 25th Birthday Anniversary

The Internet. That thing we access on our computers, laptops and mobiles. It's helped and changed the lives of many millions of people around the world. It's enabled us to go shopping without going shopping. It's brought joy and entertainment to many peoples lives. It's made some people rich. Some people phenomenally rich.

And it's also been the down doing of some people as well. Such as those that posted about something they shouldn't have been doing on their Facebook only for their boss to see it and fire them!

But the Internet also celebrates its 25th birthday anniversary today too. Well yesterday actually. So here's a belated birthday wish to it!

And none of it would be possible if it wasn't for a Welsh scientist called Sir Tim Berners-Lee who came up with the idea way back in 1989 while working in a Swiss computer lab who was trying to find ways for universities to share data with each other. And shortly after that in August 1991, the first server in the world was launched.

The first ever website to go live on the Internet was Sir Tims website. One of the first and most basic websites you'll ever see! The only problem was, back then there wasn't any web browsers like we have today so you would have been hard pressed to see it.
The Internet Celebrates its 25th Birthday Anniversary
A couple years later there was around 500 known servers in the world. These days, there are around 630,000,000 known web servers in the world. That's some growth!

So here's to 25 years of the Internet!

And here's someone who's not as impressed by this milestone as you might be.

Needless to say, he's also an Internet phenomenon and the reason we use the "Internet" today. The Internet Celebrates its 25th Birthday Anniversary

The Internet Celebrates its 25th Birthday Anniversary


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That is really amazing Mike, and I can’t believe that have passed only 25 years, because internet has advanced so much,and is totally different these days, and definitely internet is the best invention of all times.

So, Happy Birthday Internet , and thank you Tim Berners-Lee for this amazing thing that you've invented The Internet Celebrates its 25th Birthday Anniversary

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That awkward moment when the internet is older than you are, and it's actually 2 years older than the OP thought it was.

I was introduced to the internet in the late 1990s, and early 2000s. I can not remember the initial reason why I wanted to go on the internet but it just seemed like a "calling" of sorts. I was so intrigued by the internet and loved the idea of finding information almost instantly (back then internet speeds were really slow). It wasn't until I was in my late teens that I started to create code, and create my own dent (a very small dent I may add) into the internet's history.

I think we owe all our success to the creator of the WWW and to the one and only, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Without him nothing on the internet would be possible. Surely there may be another system but it wouldn't be like this internet of today. It probably wouldn't be as "free" as it is now. So I would like to say, thank you to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, thank you for your amazing invention, and happy 47th Birthday to the internet, and Happy 27th birthday to the World Wide Web! The Internet Celebrates its 25th Birthday Anniversary

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That awkward moment when you realize the moment was more awkward than you first thought it was lol. That's actually very interesting what you say how you felt like it was a calling of sorts. I think that's something that many and most Internet users can relate to! In fact, many people have broadband at home that they don't even need for anything and could live without it but have it for entertainment reasons or just because it's better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it. And yes I remember slow speeds! Well I remember the days of dial-up and the first broad band connections. My first ISP was AOL but I've been with Tiscali and BT and with Sky today. I'm still on copper wires though! They still haven't upgraded our area to fibre optic yet but I'm not really a big downloader like I used to be haha but I would like a faster upload speed though! For gaming purposes. Because it don't matter how fast your download speed is when it comes to gaming, although that helps, it's all about your upload speed. And it makes all the difference in FPS games that split second that decides if you get the kill or get killed! And yes, it was only because they made it "royalty free" wayy back then that everyone is able to use the Internet today for free. It would have went royalty free eventually though anyway right?

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Wow has it been 25 years already? My how time flies when you're surfing right?

Thanks for all this cool information Mike. I didn't know any of that and it is quite incredible to check out the first website, it is a far cry from how things are now. It is amazing to see how things have changed!

And oh my that is a lot of servers!

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It is amazing to realize that it has been 25 years! However the main increase in its use and the advancement that we have seen have been mostly in the last 15 years. There has been a drastic change, and the number of people who use it has gone up exponentially. In my country there have been many courses specifically for adults and senior people to learn how to use it because it has become a necessity. And who can possibly compare the way children in this day and age live with the internet as part of their lives at an early age, with how kids of a previous generation had to get used to it when they were teens or young adults. It is amazing!

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If the internet started back in 1991 I'm online for about 18 years already. I was freaking 10 years old when I created my first email address. I didn't even have internet access at home but I did have a PC.
The only way to get internet access back in that day was to go to an internet cafe and pay by the hour.

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This means the internet is still very young just like a new employee who is just getting comfortable with his job. I had the chance to experience the internet in 1999 when I was part of a research team. I remember creating my first email in Yahoo but for testing purposes only. The access was very slow that sometimes takes more than a minute for the page to display. We couldn’t complain because we didn’t know about the technical side of the internet yet. But now, it seems that almost everyone is using the internet, young or old alike. So what will the internet be like after another 25 years? That’s hard to imagine.

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