Have you ever built a website or blog with not intention of profiting?

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Have you ever built a website or blog with not intention of profiting?

Hey everyone,

I'm actually in the process of setting up 3 websites and all we'll be doing is posting quality content for people to come in and read. In the beginning I don't intend on making money because I'm doing these websites because they are in a niche I've loved for my entire life. I'm basically building these 3 sites because I want to have fun with them Have you ever built a website or blog with not intention of profiting?

Now for profiting or just making some money, I think I might put a strip of adsense on there or some ads through BuySellAds but I won't be focusing on making money from the websites.

My main question, have you ever done something like this or have plans to? Have you ever put up a website that you just want to have fun with and you don't care about the money that you make from it? I would think that a lot of bloggers have done this because they can create content all the time and the money will come if they want it to. But whenever I set up a website I always focus on how I can make money from it. So this is a new venture for me Have you ever built a website or blog with not intention of profiting?

I can't give out the niche of my websites because I know I can get a load of traffic to them. But even knowing that, I won't be focusing on the profits. If they make enough to cover hosting and domain costs, I'll be extatic because I don't really have to pay for them lol.


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For the moment I have only one website , I’m using it only to promote my products that I’m selling here on SEOClerks, so it’s simply a portofolio website without any ads on it, because I haven’t monetized it yet lol. But to be honest I’m planning to keep it clean from ads because I don’t want that people to click in my products and then redirect them to 10 other websites, I want to bring them here, because I want to increase my sales lol. However, if I see that traffic is increasing or something then definitely I’ll put some nice ads on it, i’m not expecting to make profit from it, but money is always welcome Have you ever built a website or blog with not intention of profiting?

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Yes! Sometimes I am so passionate about a subject that I just want to make it simply because it's useful or appealing and or entertaining. Or just because I'm really interested in that subject the site is about and want a place I can write on and share my thoughts and feelings on expressly without worrying that it could be removed at any time! But more than that, just because I want to share that with people and I think that people will enjoy using it and find it very useful and interesting or entertaining so I just make it and put it up!

Obviously sometimes the "just make it" part can take a while before you finally "put it up". But I'll do this sometimes and been known to. For websites I made "just for fun" or simply because I knew something about something and knew that other people who know about that same thing would benefit from or enjoy knowing what I know about it too. So I'd start a blog on it, or sometimes a forum or social community or arcade or something like that. Or all of those things in one make it sort of like Newgrounds, eBaumsWorld or Collegehumor or something.

But I'd do that just because it's fun and entertaining and because other people might find it the same. However, sooner or later you are forced into thinking about ways you can earn from your site and monetize it. Especially if it's doing really well and getting a lot of traffic. Hey someone has to pay for those hosting costs! Plus revenue means more features for the site and happier users and more traffic and more revenue. So you start thinking about ways you can monetize it without ruining peoples UX.

As Pro says, money is always welcome and money comes before people even if there's no money without them people lol Have you ever built a website or blog with not intention of profiting?

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Any website I launch I will always try to earn enough to pay for the basic essentials like hosting, maintenance, updates or other miscellaneous costs associated with running a website. If your website (niche) is your true passion in life then it is OK not to monetize it if you don't want to or need to. As the saying goes "Do what you love and the money will follow." Knowing that you can always monetize your site is a real plus should you change your mind later.

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Webguy2024 I've actually heard from a lot of people that if you start a website do it because you are passionate and forget about making money at all in the beginning. Work on creating something that makes you happy, something that gives value to others.

I was told exactly what you mentioned: Do what you love and the money will follow!

I must admit that when I stopped worrying so much about money is when I started making more and it really did seem like things started slotting into place without a fight!

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My first website was very niche orientated, in fact, it was about a big hobby of mine: fresh water aquaria.

It was also my first every wordpress blog, I've spent a few months putting everything together and heavy modifying a free theme. I actually learned some basic coding and web design doing that project.

Of course, I had money in mind somewhere along the line, but it wasn't my main objective. I wanted to learn how to build a website and how to write articles and later I discovered you actual needed to do a little thing called SEO, so I started learning that as well.

I've written tons of articles in bad and broken English but I still managed to gain a pretty good organic traffic, enough to sustain the website through Google Adsense.
Eventually, I sold that website, after about 8 months of hard work, I still regret it today, but I've learned a lot and in the end managed to turn a profit around, that is what online marketing is all about!

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This is really a very difficult question since setting up a website involves spending some cash and you wish to get some returns from it. but i currently have a site that i just set up for those seeking knowledge about SEO world in general. i didnt set it with the intent of creating profit but to build up my reputation and authority in the world of internet marketing. but i dont really bother if it must make money for me back since the cost of web hosting is very cheap for a period of one year subscription.

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Hi ?Razzy thanks for your question. I never think without intention of profiting anybody build website. Everybody has plan to make profile by his website and earning some money. I made a blog site more than 10 years ago. And in that time just though a way of earning by blog like Google adsense. So, as a newbie on online I at least think a source of earning or profile. So, who do not think so a way of profile by website? If you do not have plan of profiting, do not need to convey hosting and domain bill.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Yes I have. I have a website where I blog about addiction. My main focus there is sharing what I have learned in my 8 years of sobriety and also my experience from working with a lot of alcoholics and addicts for 1 year in a treatment center and also outside of a formal setting.

I do this for 2 reasons, one reason is the the program of recovery that I work is based on sharing and helping others so it helps to keep me clean and to keep my head straight.

The other reason is that maybe someone will find the inspiration to get clean or find information on my website that will help them stay clean.

Yes I've added Adsense and a few Amazon links but that is not my goal of that website at all. I just figured if I have another website why not stick Adsense on it Have you ever built a website or blog with not intention of profiting?

I am quite proud of that website, it doesn't have a lot of traffic and I really don't post very often but people are reading and connecting with me. I've had a lot of addicts and alcoholics from all over the world connect with me. So that makes me happy.

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When I launched my first blog Vinaya Speaks I was not thinking about money. I started this blog for the sole purpose of writing and publishing articles that purely satisfies me. I of course thought about readership, however, I never thought that my I will generate a huge traffic and make money. However, when the traffic began to come I thought monetizing will not hurt. I monetized with adsense and affiliate products. Then I began to think about money.

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When I was invited to be one of the co-bloggers for a pet blog, it never crossed my mind that blogging can be a source of income. I think there was no Adsense yet. Anyway, I write more for my passion and the financial reward is not much of an object. My blogs were just to express what I feel, what I see and what I hear bout the theme which is pets. And it’s really good if money is not in your mind because you can produce a better writeup. A money-oriented blog may not appear to be natural and personal.

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I have a blog, my recipe blog that I'm not making money with.I just love to cook and learn new ways of mixing ingredients together to have a new meal or snacks and because I wouldn't be updating it daily so I'm using it as my fun blog.Whenever I try out any recipe and it okay, I share it with my readers and I feel happy when the feedbacks are in the positive.

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