What email service do you like best?

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What email service do you like best?

Hi email is the most importance part of our daily life. And we know that email is one of the best easy and cheap way to communicate each other rather than traditional mail. So, it is fast and reliable to communicate each other on virtual world. And most importance is we can send email to anyone from world wide within second complete freely.

So, for free communication email still best ways. Beside, as a freelancer we are try to use more convenient and secure email service for our online registration purpose. And we know, all email server cannot provide as same security.

I like to use Gmail rather than yahoo, msn, outlook or others. Because, Gmail provide 2 steps security by phone verification. I feel very secure by Gmail

So, what email service you like most and why?

Now share your experience

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Actually i'm using Gmail and Hotmail, but when it comes to email service providers i think gmail it's the best , not just because of security that they offer because 2FA it's something very common nowadays, but also because Google is supported everywhere and many sites offer logging via gmail without signing up an account.

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I use Gmail because I use so many Google things (Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Youtube, Google Adsense, Google Analytics...) that is just makes sense to stick with Google and have the same login for everything I use. It just makes everything so much more convenient for me.

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I would go for Gmail too, it really stand out from day one and providing some good features

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Gmail for me. I've used it for years and it's the best and easiest to use. Has the most features compared to Ymail or Hotmail. I don't even have any Ymail accounts. I have one Hotmail account that I've had long before my Gmail account but I hardly ever use it. The last time I logged into it was about 3 years ago. But I prefer Gmail to any other because it's a part of Google and I'm always signed into my Google account anyway so don't have to resign in to access and read my emails. Just click the Gmail link on Google homepage and I'm in! Also as you said, you can secure your Google/Gmail account as well with 2 step authentication and lock it down more so you have more security.

Gmail hands down!

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I am not sure why, but I have always preferred Yahoo and sort of stuck to it. I also have a Gmail account but I prefer using my Yahoo one.

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Gmail all the way, even at my current workplace we use gmail! We have custom domain name but with gmail services and inbox, a complete Google account actually.

Gmail is my main email service for years now, before gmail I used Yahoo mail, but that's pretty much dead now.

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I actually have two email account, a Gmail and a yahoo.
The yahoo was the first one that I had and Gmail was just about a year ago.
Thus, I like yahoo more. That is also because most of my friends have yahoo email accounts.

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I am a loyalist of Yahoo. It may be out of sentimentality that Yahoo was my very first email that I created in 1999. However since that email was only for testing, I was not able to use it again and I had forgotten all about it. My second email was Hotmail but with a limited storage that I had to delete old emails to give space to the incoming mails. When Yahoo offered a bigger storage, I created an email address in Yahoo and that’s what I am using until now. I have created an email in Gmail but I was not comfortable hence I am sticking to Yahoo.

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