Do you love to do work by taking risk as freelancer?

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Do you love to do work by taking risk as freelancer?

Hi we know that 'no risk no gain' as a freelancer we have to work for many buyers. As a seller, we do not know who is he and how he will act? And buyer also have to take risk for hiring someone. Because, a lot of fraud buyer and seller moving here and there to get something as free. As a freelancer of SEOclerks, we have many indicator for buyer and seller to understand who is best buyer or who is best seller according to user level 1 to 5 and X3 to X5. And how many positive rating or negative rating etc.

But, many buyers and many sellers come in new to purchase service or selling service from each others. So, sometimes buyer does not understand who is best seller and sometimes seller cannot realize who is good buyer? Despite of, buying and selling service each other. So, Sometimes it is feeling like that this buyer may fraud or buyer feel seller may scammer.

So, many confusion work behind before doing job or hiring someone. Despite of each and every day we are buying and selling services and taking risk before job done.

Are you feeling so?

Or, are you like to work by taking risk for any clients?

Share your thought!

Regards by Ajlancer


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Hello ajlancer Thanks for sharing your question
Seriously In marketplace you will find every kind of person which you had never expected between worst to best.
For me Customer Satisfaction is more important before completing orders or earning money , in many cases i proceed to mutual cancelation where i nearly completed the order Because seller is always weak in front buyer on marketplace
Anyway as a buyer i think everybody is safe because one can give 1000s of reason to cancel any order and he/she will succeed end of the day,where seller have a top risk of loosing money & service repo and if he do over discussion lay to infraction
So what i think its better to be calm and have high patience and focus on customer satisfaction to deal on marketplace

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I love to take risk as a freelancer, not only is it challenging but it helps you gain experience you may not have had before. For instance, back in the day, I was so scared to start offering PHP programming services, or even PHP scripts because I thought I didn't have enough experience or I was good as other programmers. I kept thinking of all that could go wrong without realizing or coming to positive conclusions of what could go right. Needless to say, I actually went on with it and I think I have made a small dent in the PHP script niche. I have learned so much from the experience overall.

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I guess nobody like risk, but it's part of any trade, any business and freelancing too. either you are a buyer or seller and we have to get used to it. Getting more experienced in buying and selling, should also lower your risk as you can easier recognize quality buyers or sellers, but there is always some kind of risk. And guess what, we are not in PARADISE Do you love to do work by taking risk as freelancer? that's part of our lifes online and offline too. Even by going to local market you can never be sure you will get best quality apples, even if you choose them one by one Do you love to do work by taking risk as freelancer?

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I take risks in everything I do with my life. My philosophy is you need to try to make it, nothing good will ever land in your lap all of a sudden.

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Taking risks is part of the job. You end up dealing with all sorts of people from all over the world, and you have to do this online. So you cannot see them and meet them. You need to take a risk when you accept an order, as the buyer may end up being fraudulent and try not to pay you for your work. That is why some peace of mind offered by a marketplace such as Seoclerks is preferable.

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Everything is a risk in freelancing. Just like everything in life is a risk. You could walk out of your house tomorrow and get squashed by a falling satellite from space. But you still need to walk out of your house to go hunting gathering (Shopping for food). So you can't not do it just in case you might get a bad dodgy buyer. In life it is virtually impossible to avoid but you have to still do it for the good that can come about it. At the end of the day there are many good genuine buyers and people out there and you can still make a good living as a freelancer despite the small percentage of people that are out there that want to trick, scam or con you out of your money. And of course I hope you don't get squished by a falling satellite but yeah. Do you love to do work by taking risk as freelancer?

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With the sad stories that I've heard about work that didn't get paid, I am playing it safe. Even before joining a site, I check it very well for proof of payment and sometimes I ask about it in one forum where sharing information abouts sites is very dynamic. No, I don't want to take risks especially in investing money. I would rather play it cool but safe, earning small but sure to be paid.

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I am willing to take risks as a freelancer but I don't love doing so. I agree that we take risks frequently while trying to get a job done but this only happens when dealing with new sites or new clients. Once you get a site or client you can trust, it will be easier to do freelancing work without stress and with less or no risk.

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When I decided to become a freelancer, I was not taking any risk. I was already making more than the average salary of teller in a bank. Since I was already earning well, I decided to continue freelancing. However, years later, I began thinking whether my decision was right or not. I choose to freelance and my friend decided to join a bank. ten years down, my friend has bought his own house and I am still living in my parents house.

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