"Business Profile" on Instagram: Have you made the switch?

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"Business Profile" on Instagram: Have you made the switch?

I finally updated my Instagram app after many months of slacking, and a new shiny option popped up.. It asked me if I'd like to switch my profile to "business". I tried it, and here's what I've learned so far.

The main features seem to be the following.

1. ADVERTISE: You can now "promote" posts, like you can on Facebook. It seems like a very similar ad platform. The ads allow customers to click directly to your website and more.

2. INSIGHTS: You can get insights about your audience demographics (ages, locations, gender), best posting times, etc. You can also see what your most engaging posts are. Pretty useful. These features seem to only kick in for posts made after the business switch is made.

3. CONTACT: You now have a "Contact" button on your profile, which allows customers to email you, text you or get directions to your business, based on your preferences in settings. This is cool. Honestly, I love the idea of diverting people AWAY from my DM box. I don't like Instagram DMs. I'd rather have people email me old school.

To make the switch from "personal" to "business", just click the gear icon on the top right, scroll down and choose the "Switch To Business Account" option. You can just as easily switch back to personal at any time. More info is here:

I think it's available to everyone now. It was in "roll out" mode for awhile, only available to selected users.. Not sure if it still is. It's here for little old me, so I imagine it's up for grabs to anyone who updates their app.

Has anyone else tried this yet? How are you liking it, so far?


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Yeah I saw about this last night and I think it’s a great update because now businesses accounts have more advantages in advertising their business , the old way to advertise website via images or link in bio was really annoying and I can say impossible in the same time. Instagram it’s an amazing platform and very popular , I have not switched yet but I’ll do it very soon.

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I figured they'd eventually come up with a way to monetize the platform.. Seems pretty cool so far. "Business Profile" on Instagram: Have you made the switch? I haven't actually tried to buy an ad yet.. I'll update you on that, if I do.

Seems like switching account types isn't a big deal, and they don't mind if you just revert your profile back over to "personal" at any time. Pretty easy-peasy, no pressure. It's worth a try, since you don't have to commit to a permanent change.

Let me know if and when you do it! "Business Profile" on Instagram: Have you made the switch? I'm interested to see what you think.

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Very interesting, and when you think of the Stories for Instagram you can see what exactly they are trying to do.. which is a great move but a very shady one. Snapchat is known for the Stories function or feature, and since Instagram basically copied the idea and applied to their platform. I think some users are questioning Instagram's integrity.

You simply can't say you copied the feature, and can make it your own and make it before and utilize it better than a company did before you. That's so very wrong in my eyes, and in the eyes of others. I do not condone Instagram's theft. Lol.

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That is pretty dang weird.. I was surprised to see that feature pop up on my update.. I was like "WHAAAAT so they've merged with Snapchat? No.. No, I don't think so.. But this is exactly like Snapchat.." Yep, it's a clone.

You're right.. It seems shady. I don't know a whole lot about the business end, but as a user I'm not interested in the Stories feature. If I wanted to do the self-destructing post thing, I'd do it on Snapchat. Which I don't.. "Business Profile" on Instagram: Have you made the switch?

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Oh it's about time! Pinterest done this for its business users after a while as well. It took them a couple of years though. I guess it's something they've been thinking about and working on for a while though because they know that a lot of businesses use Insta and getting insights into how your followers are behaving on your profile and with your posts can make all the difference. Which will only go on to make them more money. I wouldn't be surprised if IG release a paid post feature as well much like Pinterest's recent Paid Pins feature. It seems many social media sites copy ideas from one site and put them on their own in some sort of way only with a unique spin on it!

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I created Instagram account a long time ago, however, I never used it. recently, I recovered my instagram accoung and I am thininking to use it. I did not use Instagram because I was already on so many social media sites and it was very diffcult to remain active on each of them. I did not know Instagram offered Business profile. I will check this option.

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This why I love forums, one learns so much from it, never knew about this, though I have an Instagram page and I advertise my affiliate program but I didn't know about this business profile.Will check it out to filled my profile out.Thanks for sharing.

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