Do you always use unique content?

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Do you always use unique content?

I know that unique articles are needed for the best SEO and things like Adsense but do you ever use other people's articles? For example I have just set up a site and the WordPress template comes with some articles to show you what the site would look like, but they are obviously plagiarized. I was going to write one article at a time and replace the copied content on my site, but I am unsure if having those articles on my site while I add my own will permanently damage my rank. One thing I could do is spin all of the articles, but this would make them low-quality. What do you guys think?


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Hi Hasa1015 thanks for your question. And I am sure you understand the value of unique content which you already point out in topic. Yes, unique content alternative only unique content, not spin content never and ever. If you use unique content for your website, Google must to like it for further search ranking. So, for better SEO result unique content one and only way to be use. But, somebody I saw use spin content, which copy from other site. I am sure Google very aware about such type of content, and that should be penalized.
So, I never use spin content either own writing. If I have no enough time I should hire someone for writing content.

Regards by Ajlancer

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I always add my own unique content as I go. I won't start with 100 sub pages that have no content but everything else is optimized like the title and description because it just doesn't look good.

I wouldn't use duplicate content because you could get penalized for it since you didn't actually write it yourself and you're "borrowing" the content lol Do you always use unique content? Just do like I do and write your content as you go. Don't keep the plagiarized content on there and replace it over time because you will definitely get a penalty for that page and it will just take longer for it to rank when you eventually switch out the content for your unique writing. Avoiding a penalty is easier than getting one lifted lol Do you always use unique content?

You could definitely spin the articles, but if you do it wrong it will just make your pages look crumby and like they weren't written in your native language. The user experience is one of the things that increases sales and if you have bad content that can be obviously spotted as spun, you won't see many sign ups through those pages. You may be able to trick Google, Yahoo! and Bing to increase your rankings, but when someone lands on your page and begins reading, they'll think it's a low quality website and bounce off pretty quick.

Focus on high quality content written by yourself or a writer you hire. This way you don't have to worry about duplicate content and you can reap the rewards of the search engines ranking you higher and longer Do you always use unique content? Use duplicate and spun content only in second tier link campaigns, but only do so if you're good at it.

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As a writer I find it offensive that people still consider spinning to be a good idea. Spun content not only affects ranking negatively but it also makes a site look very unprofessional. Whoever lands on the site will try to start reading and be immediately driven off as often articles like this are pure garbage. If you cannot write original articles, or cannot hire someone to do it for you, why don't you at least rewrite articles in an original way, while still maintaining their flow and quality. Rewriting is often easier and quicker and I think it is a good alternative.

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Yeah I agree with you here. I think article spinning is awful personally.

Not only is it lazy and unethical but it is usually not even readable.

I would much rather hire a quality content writer if I don't have the time to write myself or if there is just too much work to get through.

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I tend to believe that i use unique content. I hate to copy from someone else's creative mind. I think the more you use your mind the more you will think about creative unique content. If you don't use something enough than it gets weak, same with your brain/mind. So it's always best to exercise your brain in this aspect.

Generally I may use a post as inspiration. I do not really see this as not "unique" content, but an inspired content. I also wouldn't like to be known for unoriginal content, who would?

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I wouldn't dream of writing something for my site or blog unless it was unique content. I'll do copy writing but I'll make it a much better version than the original and put my own spin on it. Plus I'll add more into it as well so it really is a much better version of the original. Sometimes I'll quote sections of other peoples articles from their sites and that. But I'll wrap it in quote tags and wrap that in tons of unique content as well. That way it can add value to the page and doesn't get seen as though I'm trying to use that like I am unique content.

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Spinning people's articles is not a good idea especially if you're starting out your blog or website. It is always good to write your original article and feel proud of laying claim to it instead of having to spin articles written by others and making visitors to your site regret doing so which would make them not to come back next time for it.

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I understand that some websites have copied or rehashed contents for the sake of having new contents. But my policy for a website is to have original contents only. That means you need to have the propensity and capability to write before you launch your website or blog. It is not fair to your readers when you published contents that were just rehashed and rephrased to pass off as original but are not. Unique contents for the sake of your readers is a must.

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