Debit Card Charged Without Consent

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Debit Card Charged Without Consent

A while back I set up an Amazon AWS server host for a free year, which was great and I was ok with doing so. After less than a year I have been charged $120 by Amazon AWS and I have no reason why. To make matters worse I do not have access to the account so I am unable to remove my card through their system. I have emailed them from my normal email to ask if they can refund me and remove my card but incase that does not work I was wondering if there is any way I can block their payments from my Debit Card?


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I've tried Amazon AWS a few months ago , and yes i admit their service was really cool and server too. But their free service for one year it's not unlimited, if you will pass the limit you will be charged automatically even if you are still using "trial" or even if you will close your account without deleting all storages and server that you've created you will be charged each month. Make sure to delete everything that you have created there . And this was the reason why i closed my account after two months of use, also don't forget to check billing panel to see what's going on.

Hope it helps!

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If Amazon fails to respond to your inquiries you'll have to call your bank and dispute the charge. You need to hurry up because debit cards don't have the same time protections that a credit card have. Document all the communications you sent to Amazon. You'll need to send the documentation to your bank to validate your claim. If Amazon fails to respond to the bank or loses the dispute you will get your money back. I would change your card so they can't charge it again. Getting a new card usually comes in the mail in 5 - 7 days. It is a pain if you use your card every day so, plan on not having it for this small period of time. Another pain in changing your card is if you use your card for subscriptions or auto payments. You'll have to update all these entities.

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Hi Hasa1015 sorry to know about worst situation with Amazon AWS. I have not much experience for Amazon AWS. And I think procoder said very well. If their service not for unlimited free, they should chare you without notification from next year. If auto pay active. I think if they do not response by email, you can contact with their help desk over phone, there has chance. And if you do not get proper response, got to your card provider, and tell them blocked auto require payment from your card. Either that will charged automatically each years.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Oh I've never used Amazon Web Services, but I would be really peeved if that happened to me. I guess whenever you sign up for anything you need to read the fine print and I bet you that when you signed up for free there was a tiny little bit of info that said when you will be billed and how much, which you agreed to. I still feel that you should be able to dispute this.

I would contact your bank and dispute this with them as soon as possible.

Also do you have a Paypal account? This might be an easier way to manage things like this because firstly you can easily check who has authority to make deductions from your account and when the next amounts are due to be deducted. Additionally I have disputed something with Paypal, someone that was authorized to deduct from my account just deducted $50 for no valid reason.

I got hold of Paypal and they immediately responded saying they will investigate. Within 24 hours I got an email saying that the company will be refunding the payment and another few days later I got an email asking whether the investigation was settled to my satisfaction.

It was my first problem with anything going wrong with Paypal and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I try and put as much as I can through Paypal now.

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