Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up.

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Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up.

Before you choose the "perfect" SEO freelancer or company you should know what to look for.

If you ask questions and they come back with any of these answers, you should avoid using them for your own websites.

1. “I understand Googles algorithm”

No one knows exactly how the Google search engine algorithm works. If an SEO company or freelancer tells you they understand it, then you should stop the conversation immediately and not work with them.

Google has thousands of employees and 99.99% of them have no clue how the algorithm works. There are separate departments working on specific sections of the search algorithm and even they don't talk to each other. So it's safe to say that even the people working on the algorithm don't know exactly how it works lol.

2. “I can easily get your website ranked. It doesn't matter what niche you're in”

Not all websites are created equal and people running a good SEO company know this. I've had plenty of clients ask if they can get me ranked and I can't give them a guarantee because I don't work for Google. I always say "Well we can definitely increase your rankings, but it's impossible to tell you how long it will take to get to the first page"

No niche is created equal as well. If you're worried about an SEO company and want to see what they say about certain things, ask them if they can rank your website for the keywords "Google" "Yahoo" "Bing" "Coca-Cola" and "Pepsi" lol. If they say "Of course we can!" run away and never look back.

3. “All you need is SEO for your website”

SEO is a great way to generate traffic for your website, but it's not the only thing you need. For a proper marketing campaign you will need SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and a few other things to complete traffic funnels.

Just doing SEO is good if you aren't relying on sales to keep the website afloat. Since SEO isn't an over night success type of thing it could take years to rank for your keywords. People don't like hearing that, but it's true.

If a freelancer or company tells you that all you need is their SEO service, you should avoid them.

4. “The more backlinks we build, the better your rankings will be”

This is a horrible thing to hear from a "credible" SEO service provider or company.

A good service provider will never say this because they know that if they build 1,000,000 horrible backlinks it will just hurt your website. A good provider will let you know that they may not be building a ton of backlinks to your website because they are focusing on quality and not quantity.

A good SEO provider will also let you know that when working with backlinks you can't build 1,000 low quality backlinks and have it equal to 1 high quality backlink. Having 1,000 low quality backlinks will show you have 1,000 low quality backlinks, they don't compile like a match problem lol Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up.

5. “I work (or worked) for Google so I can get you ranked easily”

I've actually seen this a few times, and it's pretty hilarious. This is basically when you ask someone if they can rank you for highly difficult keywords and they say something along the lines of "Yes! I use to work for Google so I understand exactly what to do!". If they really use to work for Google they also signed a document saying they will not divulge any information. And do you really think Google would let someone leak secrets about their search engine algorithm for profit? lol


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Man, you beat me to it Raz! I was researching something like this for the community here recently but mine had 10 lies the top 10 lies but 5 is better than none when I haven't yet got round to even posting it! Some of these were similar as well though. But so nice one and fair play for doing so because there really good for the rookie/newbie buyers out there that haven't got much experience buying SEO services and campaigns and there are a lot of shifty SEO providers out there that will often try and bog you down with tons of jargon and out talk you into buying from them and then there's some that will just plain lie through their back teeth with a big smile on their face.

But knowing these things that they say and the reasons why they say them. And knowing what can and can't be done despite the guarantees given can mean the different between loosing out on a lot of money or even small amount and save you from getting ripped off!

What it all comes down to is if it looks or sounds too good to be true. It probably is!

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lol sorry man Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up. I could have actually gone to 100 because I'll contact SEO companies all the time to see what they're saying to potential clients haha. I have no intention of purchasing from them, but I do contact them as if I were a dumb person wanting to spend thousands of dollars a month on their services in order to get my website ranked Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up.

The ones I posted are the top 5 that I always hear from companies that are less than just OK at what they do lol. Now I have contacted plenty of great companies and their responses to my questions were spot on. They pretty much answered me as I would answer myself. It was a little weird too because it was like I was talking to myself Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up.

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I get a lot of calls from telemarketer's stating that they are calling from Google and they will get my site on the first page. I'll ask them how much will it cost per keyword and then to get them excited I will state that I need 25K+ keywords. I let them talk for a while and will then finally then hit them with what is your Google partner I.D. Most of the time they immediately hang up, Lol. If they do try and continue the conversation even after the partner I.D. question I will just put the phone on speaker and continue working never really listening to what they are saying. I will throw in a few questions to keep them on the phone for as long as possible to waste their time. More than once I actually had a few of these scam artists on the phone for over an hour.

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I see this thing all of the time. Then I also see reviews of a company and how this specific company deranked their website for keywords. It's a hit or miss type of situation with SEO companies. I tend to believe that SEO companies whom offer services at "premium" prices would be more efficient, and could possibly rank for keywords than those that say they can get you to the first page of Google for a mere $50. Surely they may be able to get you to the first page, but it may also result negative SEO for the website.

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I actually get a bunch of clients because they were burned by a previous SEO company. The bad companies out there are making it harder and harder for me to close a client. One of my clients wanted to pay me $1,500 a month just so they didn't have to sign a contract. The original quote was for $1,200 a month but they countered with $1,500 lol. At the time I wasn't sure why they were paying more, but after a few months I found out they were burned by a previous SEO company that they were tied into a contract with. The company didn't do anything for them and just took their money and ran. It's sad, but it does happen Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up.

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People actually lie about working for Google i never thought I'd see the day lol it makes sense though to use google I mean come on now Google is a power house you know but just as you said Google does make its employee sign a document that they will not divulge any of googles information with that being said I highly doubt you have any body that is really an ex employee that would use there information I don't think any would be in for the kind of lawsuit and for some me to set them selves up for failure like is crazy to me

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Yes I had a woman come and visit me in person at my office about 2 years ago and she said she worked for Google. I told her I don't have time for appointments, she can send me a proposal via email with all the details, including her official position at Google.

She then wanted to insist on a meeting there and then and don't I want to get to #1 on Google. She also told me crazy things like knowing exactly how to rank because of the Google Algorithm etc.

She was pushy and stupid. I never heard from her again.

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All this is very true Raz. I guess specially first: "I understand Googles algorithm". It is so complicated that even most of Google employees are not so sure about it and how it work. Getting SERP for billions of websites must be really complicated task...

But in the other hand, then who can offer any guaranty about any SEO work? Regarding this, there could only things to say: " i will try my best" Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up. Specially for new websites which is coming out like mushrooms after rain, even when they have very unique contents and i guess all possible niches are covered by someone so far. It's probably hard to have even 100% unique content Top 5 lies a bad SEO company will tell you just to get you to sign up.

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Nice top Razzy! All of them are true 100%. You should do a top 5 for stupid stuff clients ask and when it comes to SEO. Stuff like "I want to rank first, on my keywords as soon as we go live" or "All I want is to rank first in Google" or the best I've heard yet: "I want to rank first, on local Romanian keywords but I want my website to have in English only content".

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Hi Razzy thanks for your nice sharing. You said exactly. I completely agree with your 1 to 5 points. Most of the new website owner asking these general questions before taking SEO service and answer should be come Yes, who really do not know how to work for SEO. How does Google algorithm work nobody really do not know. So, If anybody say I know, he may mishandle of SEO. Should leave him immediately. And SEO never work immediately. It may take time and plan. But many website owner does not know about this, That is why they asking such type of question and answer should come yes! from counterpart. I am sure your all points will help to newbie, who really need to take SEO service

Regards by Ajlancer

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Oh my gosh YES Razzy! What a brilliant post. I have had so many so called SEO experts contacting me and I really am tired of all the BS they tell me.

I got contacted towards the end of last year from a guy who said he can get me ranked #1 on Google and then went on to say how he can give me so much traffic with his amazing social network following. I checked his social and he had hundreds of thousands of followers... with ZERO interaction. I then ran his profiles through a website that checks for fake followers and he was a fake.

I emailed him back and asked him how he plans to get me traffic with fake followers and he never answered me back.

I have also had "SEO experts" tell me they will rank my websites #1 on Google, I ask for what keywords and they tell me, no my whole website. OMG what? Really... that's amazing hahaha

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I agree with your points. I am not an SEO expert, however, I do my own SEO. I have never hired anyone to do SEO for my website. However, I have been in touch with SEO experts who told me those lies. I know not every website can reach #1. The most you can do is get it into page #1 in the search results. If someone tells you he will make your website #1, he is telling you a lie. There is no point of being 1 of 1.

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That number 1 is already a haymaker regarding the reputation of the company. We all know that no one knows the algorithm of search engines much more of Google. From what I understand, the algorithm of Google is one of the best kept secrets in the world just like the formula of Coca Cola. And for one to claim that he knows or they know the algorithm of Google, that is clearly and obviously a lie. And with that kind of claim, you can cut the conversation for you have better things to do.

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