How does massive websites track traffic?

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How does massive websites track traffic?

I was wondering, how do really massive websites track their traffic? I'm talking about big websites, like SC maybe, that have tons of visits every minute. I know for sure that Google Analytics is limited at 200,000 sessions per day so what are you going to do if you have more than that per day?

Yeah for sure you'll make a huge profit and you'll afford buying a custom paid tracker.
But which one? Maybe google analytics 360? Is it worth it?

Anyone here with this sort of experience? I personally never administrated a website that have more than 10k visits per day.


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For super large websites, like SeoClerks, you could go with

I've been looking over the pricing of these analytics services compared to the features that are offered and Clicky seems to be the best bang for the buck. I'm pretty sure SeoClerks uses Clicky as well How does massive websites track traffic?

Yup, they do How does massive websites track traffic? I pulled this off of their source code How does massive websites track traffic?
How does massive websites track traffic?

It seems that SeoClerks did their research prior to just randomly choosing an analytics service as well How does massive websites track traffic?

Clicky offers a ton of pretty awesome features, and you can even get a custom campaign that is not offered as a standard campaign on their pricing pages.

To get a better idea on how much it would cost to have more than 200,000 page views per day track, you can refer to this image:
How does massive websites track traffic?

Now they don't have a plan that is exactly 200,000 page views per day, but you can get an idea of how much it would cost you. The 100,000 page views per day package is $19.99 and all you'd have to do is double that to get an idea for 200,000 page views. So realistically if you were to have 300,000 page views you would be taking $19.99 and multiplying it by 3 which would be $59.97 which is pretty reasonable How does massive websites track traffic? They might even do a slight discount and charge you $49.99 but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you lol. Custom campaigns don't usually have the same discounted sliding scale like the normal packages do for higher priced items and services.

You might be able to work a deal out with them if you were to post a Clicky banner or link on your site in the partners section or footer to show you use them. If they do agree to this, don't get mad if they don't offer you 100% off. They're doing you a favor so you shouldn't be getting upset when they give you a discount.

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Wow, this is something I did not know. My websites generate small traffic, 100 visits in a day in average). I have half a dozen websites and the total traffic does not even cross 1000. Therefore, I have never thought about how to track my traffic if I get hundreds of thousands of visitors. However, I was always interested in knowing how much traffic can Google Analytic can track and if you have massive traffic how do you track your traffic.

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Thanks for the great response Razzy! I knew SC didn't use Google Analytics because I checked for the code and it wasn't any.
Love how Clicky uses "varies" as a price range, hilarious. But overall, not that costly if you ask me, seems fair enough for tracking such big websites.

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Oh I didn't even know that Google Analytics was limited to a certain amount of daily views! Well maybe one day I will have the opportunity of being limited, that doesn't sound like too much of a bad thing having so much traffic that you have to use a paid service to track it all? LOL

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My opinion on this is I'm more interested in my conversion data, from this number and other data gathered I can now do the ratio and build an equation or flowchart which I can use to map out a good marketing plan. I think this is better than third party analytics which you really don't know if it's true or not in the first place.

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Do you mean to say that you have to check on the demographics of the visitors of your website? Even for a small site that gets 1,000 visitors in a day, it is not that easy to check on the statistics much more to do an analysis of the traffic. Now we are talking of a huge website. Maybe you have to hire a virtual assistant to handle that chore because it is hard work to read the statistics.

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