Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online!

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Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online!

Something that I really struggled with when I first started working online is all the contradicting advice that is available online.

I spent such a long time trying to figure out how to learn everything I needed to know, bouncing from one website to the next and it seemed every time I thought I had figured something out I would be given completely contradicting information.

Being a newbie I felt completely alone and like I was just being pushed all around. It was incredibly frustrating.

There is just so much misinformation! What has your experience been with this and how did you manage to learn everything you know?

Oh and it is great to have this community discussion now, I place where I can discuss ideas and check the things I have learned or heard about.

So many different experts that can each share their knowledge and debate the answers to questions!


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Solution to figure out misinformation is testing stuff yourself. Don't just trust anyone point black, research and test those claims for yourself. If both the experts and you have the same conclusion, well, that's pretty much to most relevant "truth" you'll ever get right?
Also, be careful in choosing your "gurus" - I choose mine by looking how successful they really are not how successful they're telling me they are...

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Man brain explosion boom! My head now hurts and I need to go and lie down for a bit lol Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online!

Only joshing, banter aside, I can actually relate to you and understand where you're coming from, where you're trying to get to and how you're feeling about the whole journey itself. For some reason, as sarcastic as it sounds, the only thing I want to really say is..

Welcome to the Internet! Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online!

But obviously I can't just post something like and leave it there as that doesn't really help anyone as funny as it might sound. So Where do we go from here? What's real, whats not? How can we know for sure? There's something I heard or read a long time ago that I've always remembered, and it's that never believe anything you hear, and only believe in half of what you can see. I guess the guy that first said that was either someone very skeptical or someone that also had faced the same situation about being a freelancer.

Because when you're starting out as a freelancer. Or even just a simple blogger at first. You'll probably pick up on things you've read or been told somewhere by someone or something and then later on, you get told or read something else from the other side of the coin that might even contradict what the other source said. So you can be left feeling miffed and confused and it can be disheartening.

One thing I have learned is to take everything with a "pinch of salt". Even if it's on a high authority site you're reading it from. And even if it's very recent and relevant. Because the thing is with the Internet, it can change in a heartbeat. What was relevant 5 minutes ago has quickly been replaced with something better, faster, smarter than before so what you read just a few weeks ago conflicts with what you're reading now. And that's been happening for years on the Internet. But it's happening more and more these days as technology increases and Internet turns into something much more and that includes Internet marketing, freelancing and blogging.

What I've learned is, not just that! But I've learned by doing. By testing, by researching. But mostly just by brute force doing. I try not to let stuff overwhelm me and just go with the flow. Just taking things on board and always regarding pretty much everything as bs. Even those amazing 100,000 word SEO articles even if they're by John Mueller or Matt Cutts. Although those guys are fairly accurate in what they talk about. But at the end of the day, you just take everything into consideration and you still learn by doing, testing and doing.

But of course! The SEOClerks Community Discussions are where you need to be at if you want to learn more about everything that goes with it and being a freelancer and Internet marketer or blogger and affiliate etc. It's a community of those people after all so you can ask questions and get answers and learn from the experts that use it. I'm still learning myself and in fact, the more I learn, the more I realize that I have to learn. Also there's a lot of stuff I realize I have to unlearn as well. Man wouldn't it be good just to have all the answers and not have to learn anything? Or would it? Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online!

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Thanks Mike, you have just summarized what I have experienced... yes welcome to the internet LOL. I like that.

It has become much easier for me now to not only figure things out for myself much faster but also to realize that a lot of what I see and hear is BS.

I totally agree with you, this is an amazing place to be and I have found so much value in asking questions here and getting answers from different people that are mostly much more experienced than me and working in the field of online marketing.

I am part of other communities too but sometimes things are a bit one sided there or often a lot of the members are new and actually don't know much. Here is where I can get some honest feedback and yes a lot of the times the members disagree on something but I can see what everyone thinks in one place and watch the debates.

Very valuable indeed.

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When I first started to make money online, without programming or any marketplace I was trying to be an affiliate for Clickbank, or sell traffic for those Traffic Exchanges. I had read a lot of stuff that contradicted each other. . and when I say a lot, i mean A LOT.. like hundreds of ebooks, or articles.

The best advice I have is to figure out how things work for yourself. This way you won't get pushed around, and you wont have Bob saying that that is not how it's done, or Sue trying to tell you this is how its done. Many things work differently for people. Not everything will work the same for everyone. That is my advice when trying to earn a buck working online. Find what works for you. If others say it doesn't work, than it didn't work for them.

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Everett says that is something I have really found too, that things work differently for different people. I have often learned about someone's method for ranking, taken out the bits that work for me and added that to my methods. So the way I do things is uniquely my way with little bits and pieces taken from all over.

This is very much about finding my own unique way.

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Oh man Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online! I wish I had something like the community discussion when I started out. I wouldn't have wasted thousands of dollars on courses, ebooks, and memberships just to learn what to do in order to make some money online. So many times I fell into the "Guru" trap and just flung money at something that was suppose to help me make a passive income online. You know, the type of income we all are chasing so that we can put in 60 hours of work and then 1 hour a week after that lol.

When I started I was making my own path since I never had a mentor or someone showing me how to do something. Or even more important, I didn't have someone telling me what NOT to do lol. I learned by trial and error and figured out everything as I went. With the Community Discussion you can just post a question, discussion, debate, theory, etc. and people are more than willing to help you out, which is rare.

I actually like helping people online because I don't want them to struggle like most of us did in the beginning. I actually have people think I'm trying to scam them because of how nice I am. I recently posted online on a newer website and I was willing to help someone get a free design, hosting, and marketing... but the thread I posted instantly became a "Razzy is scamming people!" thread lol. I did get a couple people send me emails about a niche they wanted to get started in but didn't have enough money to get a new website up. All I had them do was buy the domain and I did everything else Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online!

If you guys and girls like the community discussion, like I do, please pay it forward and help out a stranger Contradicting advice and misinformation about working online!

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Yes Razzy I totally agree, there is so much misinformation out there. I do think the best way of learning is to figure things out yourself, however this can take so long and of course if you make a big mistake with your website you could get penalized which is awful.

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Yea I can understand how frustrating that can be getting led in the wrong direction due to bad contradicting advice but you do have to understand this is the Internet first rule of the web would be to not believe every thing you see hear or read on the web lol other then that a lot of times you have to give your self trial and error runs my advice is don't put all your trust into some ones advice endless your are willing to take it upon your self to test every single persons advice and if so understand you will not always get the same results so don't be disappointed

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Oh yes I know that now! But when I first started I was let down over and over again. It took me a bit of time to realize that I need to research and then test for myself and get other people's opinions.

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Hi Lynne thanks for your nice question. You explained very well from your practical experience learning of internet how you were struggle to start work as freelancer. If, I would like to say about my teacher of freelance. Simply I would say google and YouTube my best teacher. I know how had to struggle for leaning verity things from online for authentic information. I agree with you all information was not accurate and some information really misinformation and contradictory. Among all of them as a newbie really I worked hard to learn things from online.

Yes! community discussion such a wonderful area, where many experts share real and own knowledge.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Well I'm glad it is not just me Ajlancer, there have been times when I thought I really must be going crazy!

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I became a freelancer because of some writer friends who suggested that I try earning. And although I am already into some forums to hone my written English, earning was not part of the agenda. When I joined the first earning site, I had read a lot about advice and suggestions on what to do and what not to do about forums. And then it dawned on me that some of the information there are not true. That gave me the idea to be discerning. Not everything that is in the forum are true.

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