Do you prefer Open or private pages ?

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Do you prefer Open or private pages ?

When it comes to social networks like face book insta gram Twitter there are always some sort of privacy settings or options you can choose from but as free lancers we like to be seen and heard and that involves strangers also I believe especially if you are trying to market and expand so my question is do you guys prefer to keep your pages private were people have to request for access to your pages or it does not bother you to much about privacy and you allow your page to be open to get more traffic to run through it


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private if used to family and friends only but if other porposes like business or so i make page public to get more traffic

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Yes I agree with Sanfora, it depends on what I am using the Facebook group for. I have some groups that are completely secret so that even if you have the link to the group you will never be able to find it. Only I have invite people into the group that I am friends with on Facebook. I use this for my addiction discussion groups. Not everyone wants it known that they are part of an addiction support group Do you prefer Open or private pages ?

Groups with my family and friends I will make closed or private.

If a group is related to my work then I always make it open, yes to have more visibility and more traffic.

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My facebook is always private. Only friends and family can see my full profile, don't see any good reason to leave it public for everybody.
I keep my LinkedIn public, though. So any potential employer can see everything about me and I do get offers from time to time. Which is nice, I love the fact that other companies want me to work for them.

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Hi jkeyz2 thanks for your question. Private sharing or public sharing on social network. This concern I should say it is depend on purpose of sharing and this is depend on what are you going to post. For example: normally if I share any freelance related any information, I must to share it publicly and I also request to my friends and family to share it with other timeline etc. So, my post may getting more exposure. On the other hand, sometimes I share my family picture for family only. And I do not want to see other people my private picture. So, again it is depend on things and purpose.

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I like to keep my facebook account private that can be visible only for my friends, but not always because depends what i'm sharing, privacy doesn't exist especially on facebook , so public or private doesn't matter...

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I prefer open pages. This way one can reach more people. And also there are chances of people who wish to like your products and content. I can't say how much private pages are going to help you. But some of the time it helps if you can be more open towards the content regardless of where the people are promoting it. Lot of people choose to go local. And that in itself helps you to limit the audience. That's what I have learned so far.

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Just the other day, I received a notification that the Facebook Page of a radio station was set to private. Thinking about it the whole day, it occurred to me that a private setting means it cannot be seen by anyone except the followers. And how would the followers grow in numbers when the Page is private? I messaged the admin and maybe he realized his mistake. At once, he changed the setting back to open or public.

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