ASP.NET framework? SEO friendly?

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ASP.NET framework? SEO friendly?

One of our clients uses and insists on using ASP.NET as a framework. I personally hate everything .net related. It's a nightmare, everything is very complicated and nothing can be resolved easily.

Or maybe we have weak coders, whatever the reasons, it took them a lot of time to do a proper on-page SEO implementation/

So what is the deal with SEO on Are there any plugins or extensions out there? I want to make all the on-page implementations myself, but I'm not a coder. I need a simple interface like Magento or Wordpress haves. Anything similar possible on Any tips would be helpful, I'll celebrate with my coder colleagues.


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It is possible to do SEO in the framework although it is a lot harder than using website builders such as wordpress. If you really want a cus Tom coded site then in my opinion html/css and java are great for implementing SEO. If you can get your coders to change their mind great, if not I recommend doing the site yourself on wordpress as it is much easier to do SEO.

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I think ASP.Net rendering the code into native HTML on the webpage. I don't see the use of the framework to be any specifically good. You can think and treat of it like PHP. And that should be more than enough to manage things. As you can see I have found performance improvement on server side. But there seems to be no friendly SEO options there. That is how it should work.

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