Do you negotiate for yourself?

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Do you negotiate for yourself?

Some times we have that job that we need an extra helping hand and that is fine and I'm pretty sure we all have out sourced at one point or another. I want to know when looking for services do you get to a sellers page and read over services and decide that what they have as a option is the only package option available to choose from or are you the type like me that does not mind a little negotiation and goes out there way to try and get the best price, service & features? Do you try and negotiate or do you just settle the offer at hand?


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This all depends if I'm on a website like SeoClerks or if I'm somewhere else and I post a job listing for people to bid on.

If I'm looking for something on SeoClerks and finally find the perfect service, I won't try to negotiate because the prices are pretty firm. If I wanted to post a WTB (want to buy) page for something I want, I can negotiate sometimes if a person bids higher than I'm willing to pay. If I'm posting somewhere else I'll usually negotiate after we get every detail down of what I need done. It's not really about saving money for me, it's more about seeing how the person reacts to me trying to counter their offer. If they seem willing to negotiate it shows me they're the ones in charge of the service usually and they don't outsource much of it. If they are pretty firm on it, it usually means they are not the decision maker and can't negotiate a price. They're given strict price points and can't vary from them, which sucks usually because I don't pick them as my freelancer.

I've actually been on both sides of the negotiation since I run my own online marketing and web design service. Most of my clients try to negotiate a lower price, which I understand, because my prices are pretty high. But they're high because we are good at what we do ;) I'll usually drop my prices if the clients is nice. If the client is grumpy all the time, I'd rather lose the sale than give them a penny off Do you negotiate for yourself?

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I mean yea of course it makes sense in website like SEO prices are pretty firm so you got a point in that but what I am saying that if you have a chance to give your self a better deal why not take that chance it could help you in the long run, and I also believe it is up to the buyer to figure out what kind of seller he is dealing with, as you mentioned if the seller is firm then you won't have much of a chance trying to negotiate but if you find someone who doesn't outsource much try to take advantage

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Right, good sir
I am agree with you , given ourself we cannot do that thing easily.
So we need extra helping hand to doing that thing

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Hi jkeyz2 thanks for your question. I am not big buyer of any marketplace. But sometimes I hire someone for few specific job. I do not discuss anything before purchasing or hiring someone until If I do not get any confusion for specific parts. Because, most of the job poster try to write full details into the service what he going to sell or serve. And as a seller, I saw most of the time, many buyer asking question for discount for service. So, very good for negotiate between seller and buyer, if anyone have any confusion. That should be good for both.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Well I haven't outsourced part of a job before, I only use services here for my own websites.

That said, part of what you mentioned is negotiating on the service part. I have a few times found a seller I would like to use, or perhaps a seller I have already used that has a service that almost but not quite suits what I am looking for. On those few times I have asked the seller if they can please tweak that service just slightly to suit exactly what I need. Every time the seller has been very accommodating Do you negotiate for yourself?

Regarding price, well I don't like to negotiate with prices when it is for my own website. However if I was reselling or I wanted to outsource a service on a regular basis I might ask if we can negotiate a better deal. I wouldn't do that if it is a once off purchase though.

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Good question. If I think the price is fair, I usually don't dare to negotiate, especially if I'm a first-time buyer. After a few orders, I generally ask for a better deal with cheaper rates, usually, the buyer is willing to accept my proposal.

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I used to do this a lot "back in the days". When I started out as a reseller. I discussed things with potential suppliers and I often told them that I had "another guy" who gave me what I was asking for, for just "the price", and I also let him know that I'd rather do business with them instead, due to "whatever reason I came up with". It usually "did the trick" so to speak and I often got myself exactly what I needed and saved some pretty neat dollars along the way. - It's a shady tactic though and I would never do something like that nowadays.. I care too much about others to do something like that today.

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I think personally I am not doing the negotiation. I guess we have to understand it is not easy to negotiate for yourself. And with enough money required in the freelancing. I think it's not easy to negotiate these days. I personally think that one has to understand how to get customers and how to convince them. That's one art that I am trying harder to learn and unlearn these days.

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