How do you choose service providers when outsourcing?

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How do you choose service providers when outsourcing?

Some times you have to out source. Whether it is to reduce business cost or get more done in a more efficient fashion then getting it done your self. Regardless of your reasons you have to thoroughly make that decision on who you are willing to get the help from or who you will outsource to. So my question fellow freelancers is when it comes to buying service, do you always go with the same service provider due to the best pricing or is it always good to experiment with new service providers and expand your business options. I would like to know what you guys think.


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Never pick a freelancer or service provider to work on a clients website if you haven't used them before. Always test out freelancers on buffer websites or web 2.0s that are aimed at your own website lol How do you choose service providers when outsourcing? I say this because you never really know what you're going to get. If the freelancer see's that it's just a buffer page or web 2.0 and they slack off, cut them immediately. Now if the service provider does the work they say they were going to, regardless of the type of page their doing it for, add them to your pool of freelancers.

Most platforms will rate freelancers, just like how SeoClerks does. You can filter out freelancers by orders completed, likes, success rating, user level, etc. This is a great way to filter out freelancers that aren't very good because even if they have the best written service thread they may be horrible at what they do. Check their success rate and previous reviews to see what people are saying about them.

Some people will say "Never hire someone under 99% success rate!" which is ridiculous! I've hired plenty of people in the 90% to 100% rating. I would never go below 90% because I just don't have to with all the extremely talented people out there providing services that are already rated well How do you choose service providers when outsourcing?

Another thing to think about is where the freelancer is from. I'm not trying to profile anyone here, but if the freelancer isn't from the USA or English speaking country, there will most likely be a language barrier which is never fun to deal with How do you choose service providers when outsourcing?

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When I do outsource I do it with people that know me well, working with some of them for years now. I also have a couple of real life friends that sometimes help me with stuff and get a commission.

I usually need low rates but decent quality, so when I do need someone new I prefer to train them, I may lose money at first but on the long run I'll gain a partner that knows exactly what I want and does it decently.

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Hi jkeyz2 thanks for your excellent question. I do agree out source is the big way for minimize of coast for any business. That is why people are going to hire someone from different environment. You may see trend of outsourcing and most of the do from third world countries people. So, first world countries people mainly go to hire someone who may agree to do job for minimum coast to do any work from third world countries. Moreover, you asked do you prefer same service provider again and again? It is depend on what purpose do you take service? If you need same service again and again and if you satisfy from same seller, why not you will consider same seller? But, if you need new different services, you can find new seller of marketplace.

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I like to play around and use different freelancers until I find someone I really like. For the smaller and less important things I like to play around and try out new people but when it comes to the important work I use the freelancers here that I trust completely to do an outstanding job.

I have tried a few people on Fiverr but I have not been too impressed with the work. I guess maybe because it is more of an anything goes type of marketplace whereas SeoClerks is a lot more focused on what I need. This is my preferred place to look for freelancers.

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Well usually looking for reviews of other customers, ratings, experience and length of time involved in providing services i am looking for. Sometime i also use some nice recommendation by friends or similar, but i don't really like to deal with just anyone i bump on.

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Outsourcing your mobile development project to a third party is an important decision. It is dependent on many things and varies according to the situations. But outsourcing is a huge task, and many things need to be taken care of. You should read the ultimate guide of outsourcing to make your experience better!

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