How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche?

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How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche?

We all know what guest posting is and the benefits it can have. It's one of the best ways to get natural backlinks from sites/blogs in YOUR niche. Plus the links you get will be do follow contextual links from sites/blogs that are in YOUR niche and you may even go on to get a lot of traffic from those guest posts too if it's on a high traffic site.

The only real downside is, you'll have to either write the post yourself or get someone to write it for you and it will need to be a good quality post as well. The better the quality the post the more chances there are of the webmaster accepting and posting that article and the more chances there are of it ranking high in Google too.

So what are some methods, tools or even sites you can use to find and get guest posting opportunities? I know there's some sites that you should avoid like the plague such as MyBlogGuest which has been banned from Google SERPs. Or is it safe to use that site again provided the guest post you get is still from a high quality site/blog that's in the same niche as yours?

I've never really bothered using guest post finding sites and tools before, I've only really ever done it manually. I'll literally do a search in Google for my keywords then make a list of all the sites I find in my niche, then find how to contact them and send them an email or contact message from their site telling them about my site and asking them if we could write for them. They get free content, we get a link. It's a win win.

But not every site/blog will go for it! Mainly because they are your competitors and aren't willing to help you out regardless of the free content they get.

What I've found doing this as that the further back you go in the SERP results, the more likely people are willing to allow you to post. So the sites/blogs ranking on the top 10, or to 20 results are less likely to give you a guest post, but after this they are more likely to give you a guest post. Considering you can find about 100+ sites in your niche not ranking in the top 20 SERP results and around 25% of them will allow you a guest post, you can usually get about 20+ guest posts from around 100 requests.

That's not too bad and can have a really good impact on your sites own rankings. But again, you will have to create some good unique content for it either yourself or outsource this.

Sometimes if you're doing this, it can pay to pay someone to create some guest post articles for you which you can keep and use whenever you need them. I do that sometimes, well I used to but haven't for a while. I'm just thinking about it again.

With that, what are some good methods you use to find guest posting opps? And can you recommend any tools or sites to find guest posting opps?



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A method I like to use to find blogs to try and get guest posts on is to use Scrapbox and get a list of high quality blogs in my niche How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche?

I'll now have a huge list that needs to be filtered. I'll pull out all the domains that I want to post on and I'll put them into another lovely piece of software that I have which is only for contact form submitting How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche? I add the domains into the software, add my message and email, and let it run. It's pretty quick with short lists under 500 domains, anything higher might take a few minutes to complete lol How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche?

Now most of these websites won't be active, and it's sad. The internet is covered with dead websites where no one responds. Anyways... I send out all these messages and normally I get around a 20% response rate from the blast. Since I'm using the websites contact us form, it goes right to their inbox muahahahaha!

About 90% of the people who respond will think their websites are made of digital gold and they want $500+ per guest post. But there are the rare few who just want the content and will let you put a dofollow link on their page if the content is high quality How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche? These website owners should be carried through town and treated like the kings and queens of the internet that they are lmao How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche?

After I'm done posting I will usually run a short SEO campaign for them so that I get my page ranked a bit higher and it helps us both out ;)

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Thanks Raz. Once again, given me something I can actually work with! I'm up for exploring all avenues when it comes to finding guest posting opportunities and any excuse to dust off SB and put it to use! I'd be really interested to know more about that software you have. I guess it just searches for their contact page right and then sends them a message from it? And doing SEO on your guest posts, that's a good point! I keep lists of all my guest posts and then do something similar because even though they could be on a good site, it still all helps at the end of the day. Man I'm going fire up the old SB later on and have a tinker with it see what I can dig up! How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche?

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I think looking for blogs to guest post on is overrated and outdated. It's all about creating direct connections now rather than crawling randomly and developing blog lists.
Try making friends from bloggers, go to events, meet bloggers in person and develop campaigns together. Creative ideas rather the technical lists and spammy approaches.

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You're preaching to the choir Crisitian! How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche? I agree but I don't have the time or means to attend events or go and meet bloggers in person. It's much easier just to send them a message and ask if they want some free content. I know what you're saying, that one should "think outside the box". I don't think it's spammy to send them a polite message though in fact, the majority of webmasters/bloggers will appreciate that you've done so and it will make them think their site/blog is even more popular than they thought it was. I've had people so happy that I contacted them before they've gone as far as calling me their "partner" and made mention of me (my blog) on their social media pages and profiles in the past simply because they were so happy that I contacted them. I get what you're saying completely, don't get me wrong. And for all intents and purposes, what you say is very true. But unfortunately in life, (especially on the Internet), unless you ask you don't get! ;)

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For me it is so time consuming to find the blogs and then to write for someone else's website, oh dear what a drag. I would rather spend the time writing for myself and if I need some backlinks I'll buy an SEO package here instead.

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Hi Lynne, yes I hear that! And for all intents and purposes, an SEO package can be very effective at increasing your rank in the SERPs. It's also much less work because you're paying someone else to do it for you. However, buying SEO packages isn't guaranteed and always carries more risk and is more often much less naturally created and natural looking than a guest post (it's why they're so highly rated). And if you're caught buying links that's an instant manual penalty placed against your site which means your site ends up de-indexed from Google until you remove the links it found and detected as spam. And Google are getting better at detecting this. (Not to try and scare you!). They can detect "patterns" and "footprints". And the SEO service you purchase, may have been put to use 1000+ times already and is not as effective as it used to be and each time it's used/applied, it creates a bigger pattern and leaves more footprints behind which Google can and does pick up on. Also Google employ thousands of people to manually check the backlinks of websites that are ranking high. And they've seen every SEO trick in the book. Of course, most SEO's are good at doing white hat SEO for your site these days that just about looks natural (like you've done it yourself). Google knows you may employ someone or have a department that handles your SEO or SMO. But if you are found out to be buying SEO services, it's the same as buying links which is something Google has been against for years. (Probably because they know it works seeing as your backlinks will always be the number ranking factor).

However the best links you can get Lynne, are related/relevant links from sites in the same niche as yours. Just one of these links from a good related site to yours is worth 100 SEO packages that you can buy on here. Not to mention it will be a do follow, contextual link on a page that is highly relevant and related to your site and seeing as you are able to write the article yourself, you know it will be a high quality, unique article as well. Plus you can make it look very very natural and this is very important today.

The other thing to consider is that while yes, SEO packages can be effective at increasing your rank which gets you more organic search engine traffic, if you can get a link on a high traffic site that happens to be in your niche, well that can go on to send you much direct/referral traffic that is lazer targeted (seeing as they was already on a site that is similar in nature to yours) for many years to come. Even if you do get penalized by Google and your traffic rank drops or you're completely de-indexed until you fix the penalty and submit a reconsideration request and then wait with fingers cross for the good news. Your guest posts will go on to continue sending you traffic!

So many people rely on Google for traffic, but what happens when Google isn't working for you anymore all of a sudden and you loose ranking and or worse, get penalized and de-indexed?

That's why it's so important to build up multiple traffic streams from multiple other sites. But more than this, guest posting is one of the best ways to get related/relevant links simple as that! And that my good fellow, is why, despite them being hasslesome and hard to get, we still try and get them. ;)

Besides, nothing worth having is ever easy to come by!

But I hope you understand now and that has opened your eyes and given you some food for thought. How to find Guest Posting Opportunities From Blogs in Your Niche?

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Guest posting is great especially for a new blogger. However, I don’t think any veteran blogger will allow you to make a guest post on his blog much more if he is not only a veteran but a popular blogger. If the guest posting is for the purpose of getting traffic to your own website, perhaps the better alternative is to post a comment on popular blogs particularly blogs that are relevant to your website. And if your comment is sensible and interesting, you can get clicks from the readers of that popular blog.

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