Different ways you can send your completed work without violating TOS

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Different ways you can send your completed work without violating TOS

Hey, it's Nextant.

So I just want to inform people that may be unaware of this but Seoclerks TOS (Terms Of Service) does not allow you to send things via email or things like that. But, there is other services you can use.

Just letting you know, Seoclerks has a attachment limit of 50 MB. Which isn't much, especially if you're like me and do video services. You can be all the way up to 50 MB with a 1080p HD 5 second video, And file compression software can't do much.

So here's a few things I use if I am delivering something that is more than 50 MB.

Dropbox - One of my favorites
I personally love Dropbox, and it's one of the easier things to use. All you need to do is upload your file or whatever it is, then you share and create a link. Then you deliver this completed work with giving them the link and thanking them for their business, Awesome right?!

Google Docs - Good for article writing
I don't really do article writing but if you do, I recommend google docs. I find it hard to believe that you have an article that is more then 50MB but, pictures can increase size. So google docs is great for this, but you may need there email to share with them. which violates TOS. So download it directly to your computer and try putting it up on Dropbox. There you go!

If you have other things that do this, don't be shy! Tell us about it in a reply to this forum. This took some time to write so I hope it helps!

Nextant | Graphic Design & Video Services


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Great ideas Nextant. I did read in the TOS that you can't communicate via email etc, I never thought about how that would impact delivering certain services with the size limits.

Thanks for sharing this, I am sure lots of sellers will find this useful.

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I hope so, it limits a lot of people when they could be selling more services and driving more traffic to Seoclerks

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Yep there is those features, however one thing to watch out for is contact information that is linked to the dropbox files, or Google docs. Have you read my old forum post "The Nightmare of giving out contact information". If you haven't read that post, I strongly recommend that you do.

That post was created back when I worked on the helpdesk and had tickets from users saying another user referred them off site to do payments, and never did any work. So please watch out, anyone whom receives offsite links, and report anything that breaks the Terms of Service.

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Ahhhh that makes more sense now. I always wondered why service providers would sometimes use dropbox or similar services to send me my work. I forgot that the limit was 50mb for the upload feature Different ways you can send your completed work without violating TOS

Dropbox and similar services are pretty sweet. They don't usually ask for an email or info in order to download from the link so that will help you when uploading something for a client since you're not collecting any data from them.

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Hi Nextant thanks for your information. Yes I agree SEOclerks has only 50 MB allow for uploading capability. But if you want to upload more file, you can use again and again same featured. This may one solution. But, as you said as video file like 1080p HD it may more than 50 MB, so you cannot upload file such way like again and again half now and half after. So, here you can use third party service like as your said Dropbox or Google store etc. And hope this will not violation SEOclerks tool. It is just need to be honest of yourself. I upload mostly by ?, if image file more than 10MB. Because, more than 10MB file also make error sometimes to upload by SEOclerks upload system.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Yes as you pointed out 50mb is a bit limited, and when you need to deliver a large file, it often is not enough. Dropbox is a good option, and so is GoogleDocs. I have also had buyers who used other methods but I cannot recall the names at the moment, but I will check and tell you in a while as soon as I remember which orders they were. It is important to remind users about not contacting one another via emails, and in fact even the word email is blocked if you try to send a message and mention it. It is against the rules as you said for obvious reasons.

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So there is which is quite good, and another one is ZetaUploader. There is also

There is definitely no need to find any excuses when it comes to uploading files.

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