Is GoDaddy Auctions Any Good?

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Is GoDaddy Auctions Any Good?

I have 2 domains with that I want to sell. Thinking of trying GoDaddy Auctions, but wondering if anyone has had success with it?


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I'm sure they are. I haven't even heard about GoDaddy Auctions before but I have one domain with them and they seem to be a very well respected company.

I am interested to know what everyone says about this feature on GoDaddy.

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Personally i've never tried it, but godaddy it's a super large domain registrar with a good reputation, and yes they should be, i had some domains registered there and i like them, although their prices are higher than others.

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I've never sold a domain through GoDaddy Auctions but I have purchased a few.

A few things I can think of to increase the likely hood of selling your domain through GoDaddy Auctions.

Don't sell yourself short: If you have a good domain name and you think it will sell because a lot of people will want it, don't price it too low to start off. You may think that there are 100s of people wanting it, but not all of them will know your domain is available. Think of the price you would be willing to sell your domain at and reduce that by 25% to 30% then put it up for auction. This will lower the price which increases the likely hood you'll bring in a few bidders to battle over it and hopefully pay more than what you originally wanted Is GoDaddy Auctions Any Good?

Market your domain: Putting a domain up for sale on GoDaddy Auctions won't sell it immediately. I would recommend getting on some forums and talk about how your domain is for sale through GoDaddy Auctions and it's up for $xxx.xx right now. Building awareness may seem like you're beating a dead horse, but you never know who will be reading your posts since most forums are publicly viewable Is GoDaddy Auctions Any Good? Pull in those lurkers Is GoDaddy Auctions Any Good?

Respond: You'll need to respond as soon as possible to any email, ticket or message you get. This will increase the likely hood that your domain will sell in a short amount of time. No one wants to send a person an email and wait a few weeks for a response Is GoDaddy Auctions Any Good? With GoDaddy Auctions I think they manage most of the responses, but again, I've never sold a domain through them. I've only purchased through the Auctions.

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Hi reyubskrelcoes Thanks for your question. I never tried to sell any domain by godaddy auction. But I heard there has way of selling domain by GD auction. And if you have A+ premium domain they can fetch a nice price there. But, if you have less quality domains , they will not much evaluate of your domain due to lot of junk. So, I should suggest to try with Sedo and Flippa. At Digital Point you can sell domains too.

And many more domain seller option available on internet. And as per as I know Sedo one of the best place for selling any domain.

Regards by Ajlancer

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I do both GoDaddy, and Flippa.

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Sure, you can auction them there. But I would advice you to save them for a future higher price if they are very good domain name.

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I have never used Go daddy to sell my domains. In fact, I don't have any domains with Go daddy. However, I have over 50 domains with namecheap and have tried namecheap marketplce and have never found any luck. Some of my domains have high commercial value because they are two words domain, however, I have not been able to sell any of these. I havde also tried flippa. I even have done paid listing, yet my domains are unsold. I have tried sedo for domain parking. They say parked domains get sold pretty fast yet I have not sold any domains.

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have tried namecheap marketplce and have never found any luck.
I've used NameCheap marketplace as well, without success.

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GoDaddy Auctions is a COMPLETE SCAM. I am a GoDaddy customer for 10+ years. Recently I sold a domain via their Auctions platform; this was after one of their domain brokers contacted me if the domain was for sale. Note that an auction sale is a binding agreement.
In the end the supposed buyer (I'm seriously doubting there ever was any) never pays...
So you would expect GoDaddy to take action, right?
WRONG. They do ZILCH. Well someone mails me saying they left a voicemail message with the buyer. And that's it.. !?
But then it gets even worse..
After I start complaining about the entire process and make clear I'm not accepting the buyer to be let off the hook so easily I receive an e-mail from GoDaddy stating that I, the seller, have cancelled the auction and therefore negotiations with the seller have been terminated.
WHAT? I HAVE DONE NO SUCH THING. 100% CERTAIN. And what does that even mean 'negotiations terminated'? The negotiations were already terminated and the price was already agreed!
This is in my opinion an extremely dirty practice of GoDaddy just so that they don't have to go through any trouble. Note that they are taking an absurd 20% commission on sales. However when they actually have to do something for an auction they just say 'screw you. bye.'
In the end an auction system is completely useless if the buyer is simply left off the hook from a binding sale.

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If the buyer is not paying - Godaddy would just take his or her Auction membership. That is it.

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good place to buy good domains

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Was anybody able to sell domains recently on GoDaddy, Flippa, Sedo, NameCheap? In addition to these marketplaces were you able to find effective domain selling forums, groups etc.? If so, could you please share your experiences.

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Godaddy is the oldest and very popular market place for buying and selling domain names. I remember I started domaining with Godaddy, eBay and DNforum.

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