Why my YouTube video shows only two comments?

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Why my YouTube video shows only two comments?

Last days a seller have completed my YouTube video comments work but why today it shows 2 comment only? The seller gave me 25 comment as proof but now it shows only 2 comments. Please give me suggestions and solve my problem.


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Hi Noora it sounds like you need to ask this question to the actual seller of those comments. That's pretty much all I can say really that is the best thing to tell you. Without knowing the seller, the video or why the comments were removed. I can tell you there is probably a logical reason behind it though as there is most things in life. The comments are removed from the video either by the person who placed the comments or the video owner or by YouTube. I would first ask the seller about this myself. Have you contacted them about it and asked why the comments were removed if you know you or the video owner didn't remove them? If not that's the thing to do!



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Hi Noora thanks for showing your concern. I should ask you really seller showed you proof of this work? If so, just ask to seller, why 15 comments now become only 2. Only seller can give you best answer. But, I presume as seller leaving comments may detect as spam by YouTube due to quick post or irrelevant post. That is why most of the comments has removed. Solution only if seller refill all comments for you. So, contact with seller immediately. If he unable to refill all, reject order and ask for refund money. And this should ultimate solution for you.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Hi Noora

Yes you need to contact the seller and see if you can get it rectified.

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