Any tips and tricks for the Google Rank Brain update?

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Any tips and tricks for the Google Rank Brain update?

Ever since Google Rank Brain update rolled out, I'm pretty obsessed finding the perfect balance between keywords and a click-bait meta description and title.
That means choosing the right title and meta description for organic results is very important. You need to include keywords but also a catchy type of tagline.

For example, titles that look like this should not be used anymore: Keyword1 | Keyword2 | Keyword 3
I agree with Google, it looks spammy as hell. Having such titles will lower you organic CTR meaning Google will sub-rank you for other websites.

Are any of you doing any kind of Rank Brain optimization? Share your thoughts!


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We are not doing anything special for Rank Brain Optimization update. Rather we are continuing our previous task like publishing good content and doing social media marketing in a perfect way.

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Yeah but this update should not be ignored. It basically tells us Google is slowly learning what is relevant and what is not based on organic CTR and a billion of other factors.
I think our organic CTR should be one of the main elements to worry about when it comes to our organic ranks.

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I honestly wasn't aware of this update but I don't think it will affect me much. I do like to make sure my keywords feature in my content and my meta title and description but I have always tried to make it look natural and readable plus catchy so that readers will click on my content when it comes up in search.

I think it is more important to write for your reader than it is to focus on search engines and ranking. If I can't make my meta title and description appealing for my audience and for SEO I choose my audience first.

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I guess SEO fanatics are continuing with what they are doing simply because it works for them. In another discussion that I have come across, new SEO methods should not be followed immediately unless there are testimonies on the effectiveness. Take note that SEO is not an exact science that we are doing things blindly even if there are good results that follow. And when do the good results materialize? That is one question that cannot be answered. Anyway, with the new chore like that rank brain update, I will have to make my observation for now.

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