Advertising, which platform is working best for you?

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Advertising, which platform is working best for you?

What is the best advertising platform that you currently use or have used with success? I thought it would be interesting to get feedback from the members on what is the best online advertising platform that is consistent in producing a good ROI, return on investment.

Personally, I have tried many advertising platforms throughout my years online. The majority have produced horrible results. I have had some success with some smaller advertising networks but these didn't seem to have enough traffic, making it impossible to grow.

Have you ever advertised? If so, what worked. How big was your budget? Please feel free to add to the list and tell us about your experience. Oh Yeah, what niche you were advertising that produced a positive result etc...

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Yahoo Bing Network
  3. YouTube
  4. Chitika
  5. Twitter Ads
  6. Facebook Ads
  7. Pinterest Ads
  8. Vibrant Media
  9. Propeller Ads
  10. Pulse360
  11. 7Search
  12. AdSide
  13. Infolinks
  14. Native Ads
  15. inetgiant
  16. Link Worth
  17. Intellilinks
  18. Reachli
  19. Qadabra
  20. clicksor
  21. Kontera
  22. LinkShare
  23. BidVertiser
  24. Blogads
  25. AdBrite
  26. TradeDoubler
  27. AdVolcano
  28. adsterra


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My main "go to" PPC platforms are definitely Adwords and Bing/Yahoo.

Right now I'm tweaking an ad on Bing and Yahoo for one of my websites. My ad is only set to $10 a day so that I don't kill my wallet with a horribly optimized ad campaign. At first I had all my keywords set to $0.25 per click and increased them gradually until I was starting to get a good amount of impressions. Currently I'm getting around 20,000 impressions and 25 clicks a day and I'm not hitting my $10 a day budget even though some of my keyword bids are at $0.90 per click. I watch my "opportunities" daily and upgrade whatever I can, within reason. I'm not going to increase a $0.50 bid to $2.50 because I'll get a few more clicks. I'll wait until my campaign is optimized until I take a chance like that lol Advertising, which platform is working best for you?

Now with Adwords it's practically the same thing. I'll put up an ad and optimized it for clicks. I don't currently have an ad on there right now because I'm focusing on Bing/Yahoo at the moment.

One PPC platform that I'm not a huge fan of is facebook. I've heard a ton of people swear it's the best thing ever. I've NEVER had any success with their PPC platform and I use it only as a last resort Advertising, which platform is working best for you?

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I also didn't have much success with Facebook ads... Was not a waste of money, but very little success too when it comes to increasing sales.

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yeah, I had to kill all mobile traffic because no one wants to buy a $500+ service when they're browsing on their phones lol.

My problem is that I had a service and people weren't looking to buy something like that when they were on facebook. I split tested numerous ads and spent almost $500 in a month trying to get a client. I didn't even get 1 Advertising, which platform is working best for you? Some people would tell me that maybe I was doing something wrong, but I've been doing this for a very long time and I know how to set up a PPC campaign so that it profits very well lol Advertising, which platform is working best for you? I just can't sell my SEO and Marketing services well using facebooks PPC platform. I'm sure if I dropped my price down to $95 then I'd get a few. But those clients would just get pissed off because they'd have to pay me for a minimum of 3 months if they were competing for low competition keywords.

This is why I like adwords and bing/yahoo advertising. People who click through to your website are most likely clicking because they are interested in signing up. I've spent $500 in advertising on adwords and made $2,500 from my services, but not with facebook Advertising, which platform is working best for you?

I'm sure if I were to offer something ridiculously cheap through facebooks PPC platform I'd be able to get a few sign ups. But I still wouldn't profit and those people probably wouldn't stay signed up for long or upgrade their packages to something that cost 900% more lol Advertising, which platform is working best for you?

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Hey Razzy,

I found that the Groupon model works wonders. What is this? The Groupon models is thirty dollars or less for selling online. If you then set a price to twenty eight dollars the number of sales are even more a measurable and increased. At fifteen dollars they can be off the charts with tons of sales. At seven dollars they can become through the roof! (Note: as long as you are on a distribution channel with massive viewership). Do some tracking with this and you will see the pattern, wink wink ;), It is an important metrics that should not be overlooked. People will spend money at these levels and not think too much about it because it gets progressively more and more risk free for a consumer.

However, trying to sell a big ticket items online is nearly impossible. Trust me I know all about this and would not recommend anyone who thinks that they can achieve a positive balance sheet selling big ticket items. When selling big ticket items online or offline, consumers want and need to speak with an actual person before a purchase. If you can offer this level of service and live customer support then this model will work up to around 15M in annual sales. Then the costs will eat you alive.

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Adsense and Fb ads, if you know very well your audience and target it in the right way (age, gender, interests, cities/countries, etc). To not waste too much money you should start to create several small advertising campaigns (like a $5-$10 campaign) and to monitor each of them to find out which campaign is more efficient and to use it again (or not).

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Ok for my online baby store I used Google Adwords a lot over the years and I really had some good results with them.

I have since tried Bing Ads for my online marketing website and well I didn't do a very large campaign and I couldn't really see the results accurately because it was a new website at the time. I had hardly any content... I got a $50 Bing voucher and I had to use it before it expired so why not use it even though I wasn't ready for it.

I have had great results with Facebook ads, I have grown my mommy blog to 40 000 fans over 4 years which has been great. I get most of my traffic from my Facebook page.

I tried Twitter ads once or twice but I think I am not understanding quite how to do that properly because I spent money and saw absolutely no increase in followers and not much engagement or much of an increase of traffic to my websites so I stopped with that.

I haven't tried any of the other advertising platforms you mentioned.... I am going to be very interested to see what everyone else says.

I do think I am going to want to do some paid advertising campaigns in the very near future. Up until now I have been focusing mainly on content marketing and social media marketing.

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Hi Webguy2024 thanks for your nice question about advertising platform. You mentioned all advertising platform are more or less good. But, I never tried for all of them either Facebook. And as per as I know Google is wonderful platform for making advertising and most of the adviser using Google adwrod. And secondly I think Facebook. And I have used facebook advertise. And I think facebook such a great platform to advertising anything with cheap rate compare with other platform. And I got good response from Facebook. I think third best may be infolink. I saw so many website using text base advertising like infoliink side by side other advertise.

Regards by Ajlancer

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For my clients, I'm using at the moment only Facebook ads and Google Adwords. Facebook ads work great for eCommerce stores in the clothing niche, as for Adwords, well most niches if optimized correctly will produce ROI eventually.

As a advertiser I only tested Google Adsense and I still have a couple content-based blogs that get a couple of clicks every month...

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Thanks for this great question and list. I have only purchased FaceBook Ads and BuySellAds although I have been a publisher on quite a few of these ad networks. Personally, I only had an acceptable conversion rate on both ad networks and I would say the return on investment wasn’t very good. I purchased ads for my forum so it was quite hard to calculate the ROI but I didn’t think it was worth it. Also with the increase of adblockers, the quality of traffic you seem to be getting seems to be going down. However, as a publisher, I have had some good results with Adsense and BuySellAds as a combination.

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