What do you do if a seller has copied you?

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What do you do if a seller has copied you?

What do you do if you find out that a seller is copying/following you? I don't know what to do.


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Copying you how? Copying your service you mean? Like copy/paste job? If so you have several options to you. The first is to contact that seller and tell them that you have noticed that they are copying your service description and that is not allowed to be done and then to ask them to either change it or remove it properly otherwise you will have to report them to staff. Which is your second option. If they don't change/remove it and choose to ignore you, you can then contact staff about it who will be able to look into it for you. Chances are if they can see that your description was the original one which they will be able to see, then they will just remove their service from the marketplace. Do try to work something out with the seller first though. I have had this problem before myself. Except in my case the seller was reselling my services on fiverror. However after I politely messaged them and pointed out that it was not allowed and that I would be reporting them unless they removed it in 12 hours they done so. I helped them though and told them not to copy/paste my service but rather to create their own one from scratch in their own words and that was that. So try that first before contacting staff about it. What do you do if a seller has copied you?

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You mean another seller here is copying all your services? Well you are a Level X4... so obviously some sellers will be looking up to you and yes maybe trying to emulate what you do, possibly even copy you. However as much as someone tries to copy you, they will never be able to match what you have achieved.

I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around, so if someone is trying to cut corners by copying you I think they won't get very much success or get very far because people that do that just don't get there.

However it must be very upsetting for you. Maybe that seller and just chat about the problem? Otherwise contact support and just ask for some guidance and assistance?

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it's not good if any one copy your content,services etc...if any one involve in this activity firstly inform him if he stop ..its ok
otherwise report to Staff....

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I assume you mean copying and pasting your service descriptions in their services? This happened a couple of times to me before, and I decided to inform the site administration at the time as it was a full copy and paste of my whole service description, and once even the picture I used was copied, and I felt that was unethical. I think that is what you should do - I did not want to have buyers think they are dealing with me when it is not me after all. I worked hard to achieve a good reputation and to keep regular buyers.

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Hi shubh thanks for your question. I understand your question several ways. If you mean copied for serve description from other seller, it should not mean he follow you. And in the other word you said coping or following you. I think you want to mean copping someone your service description. If anybody copy your service description in this platform, he should violate of SEOclerks TOS. And you need to report to staff about that user, who copping your service description. SEOclerks will take appropriate step against him. But, if you saw anybody copping your service description out of this platform, nothing you can do. On the other hand, Following is different matter. followers who observe your account for next task. And most of the buyer do so for further choose.

Regards by Ajlancer

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A couple of years ago I used to care about other sellers copying me. At the moment I don't really care, I'm the original and I'll deliver higher quality services than those who didn't have even the enough inspiration to create their own content for their services.

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