Why URL count as spam?

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Why URL count as spam?

Why URL count as spam? i have one url that is in the ranking well before two days but now its ranking down contentiously. And when we did SEO work then most of sites count as a spamming link. So please someone share own thought why is it count as spam is there content issues or may be other issue.


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Possibly because some of the SEO you have done on that URL is counted as spam somewhere/somehow. Without knowing what the URL in question is or what SEO was done on that URL nobody can give you any specific advice other than general advice. And my general advice is to find out what SEO that was done on it is counted as spam and then to undo and remove that SEO (backlink). But how do you know it has actually been counted as spam? Did you receive an email about it or something on the site you built the link on? Google doesn't say anything like this in Webmaster Tools or anything. I'm really sorry and don't get me wrong. But how can we give you the answers if you don't actually say anything specific about the site or the URL in question? If you want people to help you, you have to help them to help you! Otherwise all we can do is give you general advice you know? Why URL count as spam?

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I don't understand your question? What URL is counted as spam?

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Hi krishnanayak thanks for your question. I do not understand specifically your question too. But I guess you have asked about backlink spammed for your site. If so, I think you may did wrong SEO and make spam linked for your website. So, it may fault of due to wrong SEO. You may know SEO have 2 parts one is on-page and another is off-page SEO. And off-page SEO also cover by 2 method and one is black hat and another is white hat. If your backlink created by black hat SEO, result should what you said.

I request to you, if possible, make question more clearly, hope you will get best answer.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Thanks for your reply actually i want ask i did SEO work for my url before 5 to 7 days it is in well ranking but now now its down and it is now 52 position in Google SERP. I do white hat seo regularly but it continuously going down why??

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