What is the most common idea for online earning?

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What is the most common idea for online earning?

Hi I live in Bangladesh and I met many people over some years who like to work online. And when I asked them ' what you would like to do online? ' Most of them answer, ' I want to earn money by AdSense'. I do not know why but this is the most common idea for many beginners to earn money online = by AdSense.

They think they just need to create a blog or website and they will apply for AdSense and will make lot of money by AdSense.

On the other hand, they do not know that to earn money, they need to make sure that they focus on the site popularity on Google or Alexa. After working for some months they then just end up giving up.

I am sure this idea is not only in the minds of Bangladeshi freelancers who are still starting out, but also the way many others think about how to make money by online?

What is your advice for them?

Regards by Ajlancer


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Well there are many ways to make money online! One only has to browse the categories of the SEOClerks Marketplace to see how many ways there are to make money. Why people think that earning money by blogging with Adsense is the only way is beyond me!

I mean, let's talk about some of the categories and how you can make money with them.

  • Art & Design, Graphic and Logo/Banner creation
    If you have any any skills in art and design, banner and logo creation, you can make money by providing these as a service. The more skills and talents you have and the better you are at it then the more that will help. But even if you don't have any skills here, you can outsource it to people that do. There are literally hundreds and thousands of people that want logos and banners and images etc made up every day and are posting about it on here and on other freelance sites. All you gotta do is find these people, then find someone that can do the work. Charge the buyer more than you pay for it, get the work done, deliver it and keep the profit. Simple!
  • Article writing and translation
    If people want to make money blogging with Adsense then the chances are they can write. There are many people that want articles and content written on a daily basis. You can easily provide writing services and if you're good at it, your reviews will help you get more buyers and those will turn into repeat buyers. Some that will last for a lifetime.
  • Audio and music / voice overs
    Again, if you have any experience or skills in making music or doing voice overs. There are people that will buy this as a service. You can find people wanting audio and music creation and production and voiceovers on many freelance sites. You can even find people that provide it as a service for which you can act as a middleman and connecting those that want it with those that do it and keep the profit.
  • Link building / SEO
    Since there are millions of webmasters that want better rankings for their site or blog or whatever, there is always work to find in the SEO and link building niche. Whether you're doing it yourself for people, or selling and reselling services as an affiliate or simple reseller.
  • Virtual assistant / data entry
    Again, there are literally millions of people around the world that need some kind of virtual assistant or data entry job doing. You can do it yourself, or find someone that can do it for you, take payment from them that do, buy it and then when it's done, deliver it. Keep the profit.

And that's just 5 things pulled randomly from the SEOClerks Marketplace categories. I could do the same for any other category as well. The point is, when you put your mind to it, it's not that hard to think up ways to make money in a wide variety of ways online. The thing is, a lot of people don't know how to think like this. They see one person doing one thing and think they can do the same. But it often takes a lot of failing and a lot of mistakes before you realize your potential in one specific area of life. And for a lot of successful webmasters and bloggers that has been through writing and providing some of these services which they have gained a lot of skills and experience by doing them.

So basically, my advice is, look at what skills and experience you already have. And look at what you are passionate about. Put them both together and stick with doing something you enjoy doing. Try to stick at doing one thing until you have a lot of skills/experience in it.

The point is, there are millions of ways to make money online. One doesn't have to look far!

TBH the best thing to do is to be a freelancer on SEOClerks and promote it! What is the most common idea for online earning?

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Thanks for sharing! You deserve 100 likes for this post...

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Hi Ajlancer,

I don't want to self promote on this post so, please send me a PM and I will share 2 platforms we are building that earn people money, even while sleeping. Actually, it is really 4 platforms because 2 pay via bitcoin and two pay in regular global currencies. They are almost complete and will be free to join.

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Hi Webguy2024 thanks for your replay and showing your interest to me about for new method of earning. But, I wrote most common idea for new freelancer, who want to earn money by online, they are common thinking Adsense only one ways to earn lot of money. But, they do not know so many other ways available online to earn money via blog or web or working on some other marketplace or other method. I do not interest to do work any new marketplace instead SEOclerks. And I know many marketplace but I have 0% interest to do work there. Because I love to do work on SEOclerks. if you talking about other method of earning money, you can share with me by PM. Because, I am an explorer.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Unfortunately those who try to set up a site have a lot of hopes and dreams, and there are several who have no idea what SEO is all about. The result is that they fail to rank, and they get very little site visitors if any, and then the site is just considered to be useless. So ultimately it is i believe a lack of understanding about the importance of SEO and proper web design and online marketing. These are all of great importance. I suggest setting reasonable expectations and working hard to try to get a good ranking in time.

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Hi EliteWriter I completely agree with you. Really they do not know what is SEO and how it is working for any website. They may hear little bit about online earning and try to make a site and want to earning by AdSense or by other advertising. And ultimately they cannot bring enough traffic to the site and earning never be get up. Yes web designing and online marketing another importance factors beside SEO. My suggestion also need to take proper train up to build up skilled. Problem is they want to earn money short cut way without hard working.

Regards by Ajlancer

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I would say that most newcomers doesn't have a clue about HOW they should earn money.. The only thing they know, is that they WANT to earn money online. And that's a bit scary..

The same goes for all those people who's looking for a coach. They simple state something like this:

Hello, I am new online. I want the best coach so I can start make a full time income online.

The problem with something like that is, first of all, they don't share any kind of experience they might have. They don't state something they're good at or what they want to focus on.. They see "online money" as something easy to get..

A better approach for something like this would be:
Hi, I'm new online but I have tons of customer-care experience as I've worked in a helpdesk for the past 3 years and I'm now looking for someone to coach me further in this niche, so I can spread my wings wider and make a living online. I want to focus on support issues and I'm now seeking a full time income where I can use my knowledge and my experience.. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please share your thoughts as I'm ready to take on new challenges and I'm willing to work full time on this.

You can't just ask ANY coach to coach you. That would be like asking a football coach to teach you taekwondo..

Best Regards,

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I too don't understand why people who are starting out think that the best way to make money online is to work with adsense lol. I even started out with adsense but I was pulled in by the gimmick "Make $500 a day by just posting ads online!". Yeah, I'm one of they people who fell for that lol.

After I realized that the ads I was placing were adsense and I had to increase my websites rankings in order to get traffic and clicks, I quickly started learning SEO and Online Marketing. Fast forward 12 or 13 years and now I don't touch adsense haha What is the most common idea for online earning?

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At one time Ad Sense was the way to go and people did make money. But that stopped years ago. Especially when they started with the AdBlockers in the browsers. Now even Google struggles to earn revenues from advertising.

I don't have a mobile device but a lot of people say they make money from apps.

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I would say concentrate on your strengths, skills and passion and try monetizing it. If you're a graphic designer, writer or SEO expert then create a service in line with it.
Also search for earning sites relative to your skills and passion. It's not that easy but if you're really determined just focus and you'll surely earn from it.

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My idea of online earning is by joining sites that pay for micro tasks. The most common work for me is the paid posting for forums. That has been my main line for 3 years now and I have never entertained the idea of building my own site for e-commerce or even for blogging. But maybe when I retire from my job then I can go full time with my freelancing and I can widen my horizon.

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