What IS a Product? PDF's? Videos?

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What IS a Product? PDF's? Videos?

Hello freelancers,
I just came here to ask you one simple question..

What do YOU personally think defines a product?

As many of you already know, I'm an author of a handful of ebooks, and I call them products. I am a product creator in my own eyes and I've been calling myself a product creator for several years... But am I really a product creator? Do you consider .pdf files to be a product?

What is an actual product?
Audio files? Video files? Webinars? Access to a memberships area? .pdf files?

Let me know what you think.

Best Regards,


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A product in my eyes is something you've made yourself or someone else has. This can fall under something you wrote and publish into a book or ebook (just like you) or something designed, created and sold.

I do SEO and Online Marketing for myself and clients and I don't think I'm offering a product. I do write up a lot of stuff like content and website copy, but it's not a product in my eyes. I offer a service to my clients, to consider it a product I'd have to write up a detailed plan and sell them the pages I made. I would have to write it up in a PDF or Word Document and send it over to them, but that would eventually put me out of business because no one would want my services when they could pay me a fraction of the price and get the whole plan. After they got the plan they could then go to a VA in India and give them my plan and pay much less than what I would have charged them lol.

Videos can be considered as a product as well. The only thing that is a little hazy here for me is that you can't make a video and them someone will buy it for their own purposes. I guess you could make a video that was generalized enough to sell to the masses, but that would be tough.

Ebooks and Videos can be considered as products only if you're sending the files to the client. Ebooks are generally sold and instantly downloaded, so that's a product for sure. A video would have to be customized and then the files sent to the client in order for me to think of it as a product.

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