Is Donate Button more Effective than Ads?

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Is Donate Button more Effective than Ads?

I’ve seen some sites which are not using their space to advertise, but just showing a donate button in some section of site, that allows you to donate in order to keep site alive. Personally I don’t think that a donate button is more effective than ads , but on the other hand people love websites without ads. However, I think that depends by site.

Which is more effective and why?

Feel free to share your opinion...


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I think advertising is still effective. Sure one may have an adblocker but not everyone does. A lot of the times the donate button really doesn't work until you actually create a post, or try to encourage your visitors to donate. Most of the time the website visitors won't care to donate, so you can just go with ads (Adsense), or offer advertisement spaces.

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I personally don't feel it is a good idea to have donate button in website. Actually I don't support this idea as well. I sounds very cheap to me.

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I do not think that a donate button is that effective. I think I would still opt for ads because:
1. A good number of people will not be interested in donating.
2. There are surely some of the visitors who do not have ad blockers and so they can get to see the ads.
3. Many people see the donate button as a pathetic way of begging, and it may reflect poorly on your site or blog.

I would opt for a donate button only if it was a charitable or not for profit organization.

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I forgot about the negative aspects of adding a donation button on a website. I believe the only time I see that fit is when you have a free product, such as a gaming website that has no ads, so you would need the users to chime in and help support the site.

Gaming websites that do have donations seem to work especially if they offer bonuses, or perks for the users that donate. I have actually implemented this method and it worked. It wasn't really begging, all you do is create items, and add a donator page and the users would glady donate for like $100,000 game cash, or rare items.

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I won't ever donate money via a donate button. I don't know why, I can't explain it but it does not appeal to me at all.

That's like selling products in a shop but having a little tin at the entrance of the shop to donate money... what for? Like EliteWriter said it sounds like begging to me! If you website is a charity then yes it is appropriate but I don't think it is right for a blog or any other type of website.

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Chances are, you will earn much more money from advertisements. There are lots of ad platforms you can use such as Google Adsense or Buysellads. You can also sell advertisement spaces. On the other hand, donations are less secure because they are only one time payments and you will need to have lots of rich members to earn a good amount of monthly income from donations. I see some websites that earn a good amount of money with donations but there is no where near as much as potential revenue from advertisements. Of course, people hate advertisements but donations is not a very good alternative.

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Hi procoder thanks for your question. I do not think so donate button more effective rather than other advertising service. And I think donate button the concern of ethical, why people donate you? if they see something appropriate for donation. And I am sure very little amount of people may response by donation button to donate few amount. So, economically you are not beneficial. And if you used other ad services, that will much profitable, because you do not need to encourage people to donate some for you but visitors will encourage willingly to click on advertising, if they see anything interesting.

So, I never think to use donate button instead other advertisement

Regards by Ajlancer

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