How do I get customers?

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How do I get customers?


I was recently just thinking of why I'm not getting any customers.
All of my Services has gotten over 1000+ viewers but nobody has ordered anything.

Are my settings wrong?
Am I doing something wrong?
Buying Instructions wrong?

Please help!


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Hey NickAcademy. Great question, I hope I can help you out with this! First, I would search services that you are selling and see what your competitors prices are and try to match or beat their prices! Then, I would go back into each of your services and try to make your description of each pop out to your customers. For example, make words bold or different colors and try to be as enthusiastic and confident in your services as you can! And lastly, I would try promoting your services on your social media websites to try and drive people to check out and try your services.... Also another thing that has worked for me is to try giving out free samples of your services, that helps.... everybody likes free stuff!!! Good luck!

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I would try offering different services and see what sells. Some services just sell better than others. Maybe look at what the best sellers are or figure out something new that has a great value to everyone. I prefer the latter because you will have the only service on the site.

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Try to make your prices competitive,what your description like, you need to work on it if it not properly write,write in a persuaded way.

if you get to have your first job do all you can to impress the buyer to patronize you more and even down referrals to you.

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Hi NickAcademy hows it going? Fair play to you for reaching out on the SEOClerks Community Discussion you've just made the smartest decision of your day! That puts you ahead of many of the biggest sellers on here and will absolutely make you a better seller!

I've checked out your profile and services, they are unique and look okay from your profile looks like you have some skills in html5, css, article writing and translation which is really nice to see I like to see real services like that for sale on here instead of the usual soundcloud views and tweets and the like! I'm not saying they're bad but this shows you're a real person with some real skills and that really counts for you!

So you seem like a great guy and I respect you for reaching out so will try to help you. So as said I checked out your profile and services and they seem okay at face value. You're only a Level 1 at the moment but thats fine as you can work on that. I see you only joined a couple days ago though too so you're a very new account but again in time we can work on that.

You can still get sales though even as a new level 1 seller. But you will need to make some changes to your profile and your services probably. I noticed that it says on your profile "I like to do random stuff when I am bored and one of my friends told me to check this site out!" that's great but that's not really selling yourself or doing your services any real favors. You should use this area to list something about yourself and about what you do, what skills you have etc and what kind of service people can expect from you. What kind of random stuff are you talking about anyway? lol How do I get customers? But check out some other top sellers profiles who are selling the same sort of things as you are and see what there profile looks like, see what they've put and are doing and you can learn a lot from that for that area!

As for your services, in one of them the text is hard to read against the background and there's some random spacing and in another the text is too big and has some random white space and just looks like its been copy and pasted from somewhere else. Don't take that the wrong way! But you should use some better text placement, different font sizes and colours and make it more attractive. Just spend 10 minutes on each one and I bet you, you will be able to improve them greatly. I do this with my own services from time to time and find ways I can improve them. But that's definitely something to consider doing and improving them will help quite a bit I'm sure!

Now there's also been some amazing stuff posted on here in the SEOClerks category like selling tips and things to be a better seller. And in the tutorials and guides category as well for how to do things on SEOClerks that can help you improve your chances of being a better seller and getting more sales so definitely check them out like the guide on How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks and the Seoclerks PowerSeller Training Video How To Sell On Seoclerks - Explained By a Power Seller!

So think about these things, check out those links and make these changes and that will help you. Some other things you can do for now though is keep bumping your services every day. Try bumping them at different times of the day see which works best for you. And you've also realized how the SEOClerks Community Discussion area here is a place where you can get some great help and tips for being a successful seller here as well as a place where you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche and just make a name for yourself as well as a way to sort of advertise your services too since you get a link to your profile on here in your questions and answers.

I mean, if you have some skills in html5 and css, article writing etc, you probably have a mind of information many users on here would like to pick as well through the things you can share on those subjects on here that you know a lot about. You can earn bumps by posting these as questions and things on the Community Discussion daily anyway. And by doing so, in time, your account is going to age, and it's going to show you have a lot of activity on the CD on your profile which people will be able to see on your profile and through your posts.

So yeah, hopefully see you around while you're on that journey! Stick at it and in time it can all have been very worth doing. How do I get customers?


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Mike, you've nailed it. I agree with all of your points, here. Really cool of you to check his profile so thoroughly. You could offer this as a service, yourself! Seller Profile Critique. How do I get customers? I'll bet a lot of people could use that!

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Its good discussing guys,,have you ever got customer? Is it your first time?
I would teach you to provide good sales services to ensure your customer satisfy and order again with u

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I took a look at your services, and they seem quite okay, apart from some mistakes here and there that show that you are not native english, but don't worry too much about that as despite that your essay sample was not that bad. I dealt with many content writers and some were way worse than that. I would suggest you keep service descriptions simpler, for instance there is no need to mention you are a 15 year old.

Also, make sure you log in daily so as to get a bump which you can use to bump up your service in the marketplace.

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Maybe offer different article writing services at different rates, so 500 word articles, 1000 word articles and 2000 word articles. This will give sellers more variety and might make you more sales?

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Hi NickAcademy thanks for your question. Most of the new user asking same question how to get more sale or how to get customer. It is very difficult to specify any answer. But, lot of suggestion on here on CD. I will get you some simple suggestions.
> Search best service what very demandable on SEOclerks and my suggestion try with SEO related service
> Write service description with more effectively with details and point out why your service best and why you are best and what benefit buyer will get after purchasing your service?
> Use bump for your service. Here 2 bump available one free and another paid bump.
> Make your service as featured. Ionicware provide several featured services. e.g. category featured, permanent featured, highlight etc.
> Try to response to any buyer who already contacted with you by PM or leave comments bottom on services
Hope this short tips will help you to get more customer

Regards by Ajlancer

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Promote Your services useing blogs , social medias alos use bumps

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There are basic ways you can get customers and I have to give the basic for you:

i) Try as much as you can always set guarantees on the products you sell, so that when the prospective clients visit your site. They won't be afraid to do business with. Most of the clients, especially when you're not popular, would have doubts doing business with you.

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