How to become Level X Seller ?

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How to become Level X Seller ?

Hello guys i have a doubt about Level Seller on SeoClerks...

Right now i am LEVEL 3 seller and i want to grow a little more How to become Level X Seller ?
I want to know what are the levels up mine, if there is LEVE 4, 5.... and how can i become a LEVEL X Seller...



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Hello regijorge,

I'm a Level X5 user. It's the highest level you can reach on SEOClerks and I made it.. How I did it? - Since all Level X users are manually selected by SEOClerks staff, there's no way I can tell you WHY, as I don't know the EXACT reason I got handpicked..

However, I do have some "insight" at least, and I know a few things you should do, to increase your chances.. And I know what I did in the past.. First of all, the requirements already states:

• Should have social pages representing you here.
• Must get noticed by Staff.

A social page would be a Facebook Fan page for instance. It's easy to set up and by doing just a tiny bit of advertising, you'll start gaining fans. Ask your family and/or friends to like the page for starters. Fans will come with time..

Must get noticed by Staff then..
First of all, do NOT create topics in the Community Discussion asking for a Level X upgrade. Do NOT send tickets to the support asking for it either.. This will ONLY delay or even minimize your chances radically.

What you should and could do:
• Provide high quality services.
• Deliver your services in time.
• Cancel orders instead of getting negative feedbacks.
• Refund clients instead of getting negative feedbacks.
• Contribute in the Community Discussion.
(Share your knowledge, answer questions, create tutorials, be active and helpful.)

And also, be polite & think of this as business. Treat it like business. Respect your business and honor your clients. I know that these are fairly vague tips.. But they are crucial. Believe me. I haven't seen anyone being promoted to Level X without doing this.

Most people seems to believe it's all about sales and ratings which is false. There's several sellers on SEOClerks who's having 1,000+ positive feedbacks who's still a user level 2, 3 or 4.. Level X are something unique, which is the best part of it. With these guidelines you'll be able to reach it as long as you do the necessary steps, and if you add some extras to it..

Best Regards,

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Wow, that's so cool! You were hand-picked by the staff for being so good at what you do. You must be a great seller! Now I will definitely need to check out your services. Way to go, really. That's inspiring!

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Thank you bobjoehax3, I appreciate it How to become Level X Seller ?
I'm not that active as a seller these days, but I will continue shortly again, with baby steps towards new goals and launching new services How to become Level X Seller ?

My main business is brand building and that have literally been eaten ALL my time, but due to some circumstances and the fact that I've got more time shortly, I'll invest that time into the marketplace with new services. How to become Level X Seller ?

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This is an amazing post with valuable information. You basically explained everything about becoming Level X. Thumbs up for you, hitmeasap. How to become Level X Seller ?

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Hi hitmeasap you have descried almost everything how to be a part of Level X as elite user. I am not going to say these sort of thing you have to have. But, I want to say most of the user may think, if they get huge sale than they may get Level X. Besides, some of user thinking, if they get noticeable affiliate sale, than they will get Level X. If you get highest sale, this things will benefit your earning and if you get most affiliate sale, they also facilitate you too. You may put in level 4 or Level 5 by this qualification. But, for getting Level X, you need to do something different. Something extra ordinary. Think first what you did for SEOclerks? What you did for helping other user? Hope you will get answer, if you ask yourself. Which already hitmeasap tried to explained.

So, I want to say do something especial for SEOclerks and do something better than other level user.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Oh wow, I didn't know that about you! I have now gone to your profile to have a look. I didn't even know there was such a level of X5... this is like talking to a celebrity and I didn't even know it LOL.

Congrats, that must have taken some hard work and dedication to achieve.

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Ooh and I am interested in your eBook! Nice one, that is on my buy list now.

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Hi @regijorge that's great that you want to be a LevelX seller as it is a very prestigious level to be at for which there are several additional benefits that come with it as listed on the User Levels Page. Hitmeasap has given some excellent advice and insight there into what it takes to become a Level X seller on SEOClerks which is also some very sound advice to go by as well have to say, it's no wonder the guy is a Level X seller and user and was hand picked by staff and he's an excellent example for all of us to learn from!

I hope to become a Level X seller myself one day also that would be amazing for sure. But whatever happens, I will always be thankful for all the help that SEOClerks has been in my life up to now and I can't express how grateful I am to this awesome place, this is one of the best websites anyone could join no matter what they are doing in life or what walk of life they may come from if they have some skills of some kind or can provide a service that people might need. It does help if you're good at what you do and you're great all round personality with a desire and drive and a professional working ethic. But it's a level I would like to be at at some point in my career on SEOClerks and is an excellent goal for all of us to work towards to make us all better, more successful sellers!

That's one of the good things about the User Levels in that they give you goals and targets to work towards and hit!

It's good to mention here too, I wrote a short guide on How to Be a Power Seller on SEOClerks a few weeks ago you should check out. It gives a good overview on that as well as some additional tips by some other Power users too that are tips to live by!

So good luck in your ventures! Who knows, maybe one day we'll see you on the front cover of people magazine!?

Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility! How to become Level X Seller ?

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Hello guys thank you very much for your advices they' willl help me a lot !
Thank you so much How to become Level X Seller ?

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Level X users are picked by staff. The Requirements include:

•Must be Level 3 or greater
•Should be an affiliate
•Should have social pages representing you here
•Must get noticed by Staff

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