Should I offer free samples?

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Should I offer free samples?

I'm very eager to get my services recognized and for my profile to become some what reliable instead of this level 1 newbie, would it be a good idea to hand out some free samples of my services in return for some reviews and to show how good my services are.


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On forums this is a great way to get beta testers and quick reviews. I've done it plenty of times for my websites and it works very well. The only problem I see here, like mentioned already, you won't be able to get a positive review from someone if they haven't purchased already.

Give an incentive to purchase instead. Offer something no one else is, or at least something that very little people are. If you're offering an SEO service you can offer to do the work until the clients rankings show a positive movement. With that you'll get a few sign ups because people will have difficult keywords and think that you can't budge them just 1 position. If they're on page 10 and move to page 9, you've done your part and they should be happy with that. But if you move them from page 10 to page 1 they will be ecstatic and keep buying over and over because of that initial push Should I offer free samples? This is what will get you great reviews because every time someone buys, they can leave a review Should I offer free samples? If the same person buys 10 times and leaves 10 positive reviews, it still shows up as 10 positive orders even though it's from the same person. I've ordered about 20 logos from a designer here on SeoClerks and every time I give him a positive review because of the high quality work he does.

Offer a great service, with some perks and benefits, and you'll see people start to sign up Should I offer free samples?

You can also pay for a featured spot on the homepage in order to get a lot of exposure which will easily bring in the sales Should I offer free samples?

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In your case i wouldn't offer any free samples, and you can't get any reviews for serving free samples, but you may try to offer some free BONUS for some time or forever. In that case add it to titles of your services, so buyers can notice your offer. Good luck

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Hi bosilk thanks for your query. I appreciate your idea. It is looking good but I do not think this idea always working. As a new seller or level one seller, you may think buyer do not come to you for user level issue. But, I do not thinks so. I should recommend to you, it is very importance to write a quality description of your service rather than showing free sample what you did. Real buyer always try to understand what he is going to purchase from you? If you can descried your service effectively and perfectly, buyer automatically choose you. Rather, if any buyer want to see sample from you by PM, send him sample by few charge. Do not give him free sample. Do not forget about lot of fraud buyer gathering on several marketplace for getting some free service. E.g. do few work for me first as sample than I will hire you for big project. Actually his intention to get free service from you not for hiring big project.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Hello bosilk,
Free samples can be a superb way to build some reputation and to get your first couple clients, which ultimately gives you your first couple of positive reviews. However, I wouldn't do that. First of all, you won't be able to get any reviews for services you've given away for free and secondly, due to the risk of handing out multiple services for free, and not benefit from it at all.

I would, instead of doing that, offer my clients some sort of 2 for 1 deal or perhaps even a 3 for 1 deal. A 100% money back guarantee could also work just fine to get more exposure.

Best Regards,

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Sure! You can offer free samples to people. That is a very good idea actually, because if your sample is good and the sampler/samplee likes it they will be more likely to buy your service. But it also acts a way to speak to them, ask them questions, what they're looking to achieve, what's their site/blog about etc. Show an interest in them and then gently coax or coerce them into buying your service. Or just ask did you like the sample? Would you like to get more? Order my service now and I'll get started for you right away!

So that's how giving out free samples of your work can help you to get your first sales/clients. But you can't expect them to leave a review from just a small sample of your work. They can only leave a rating/review after they have purchased it. ;)

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I think if you are a Level One seller with good services and prices I would still purchase. Of course you want to move up in levels but offering things for free doesn't always work in my opinion.

Maybe go with Razzy's suggestion of paying for a featured spot on the homepage and offering an "opening special" or something to attract new buyers to your service? For example buy one service and get two?

Then make sure all your first orders are delivered fast (before the promised time) and make sure you give great service and communication to your customers. I am sure this will give you some return customers and that is what you ultimately need, as well as some recommendations and feedback.

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1. Do not let the fact that you are at Level 1 put you off. Remember that everybody started at Level 1 after all. It takes some time to build up some reputation but eventually orders will start to come in, and little by little you will increase your level and the clients too. Don't give up.

2. Now, regarding the free samples you are considering - I would recommend offering a service where you give something for free, but not free samples on their own. I do not think that is possible and you would not get reviews in return.

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I use to offer free samples, or bonuses when I was level 1, and it really didn't convert into ratings or reviews. It seems they just never left any rating or review. Some buyers will just buy and not want to leave any reviews, so it's kinda hard to offer a sample or bonus when the buyer doesn't want to offer any kind of feedback at all.

Some buyers love to give great reviews or ratings, so you need to try and target those that will. There is many orders in which buyers don't leave reviews, perhaps there needs to be an incentive to buyers to want to leave feedback or ratings. But im not sure how this would effect the buying aspect. Just an idea though.

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Great question, offering free deals is always an eye catcher to clients. What I have done is offer like a buy 2 or 3 and get 1 free deal and I even offer my returning clients and resellers coupons and that helps keep clients coming back.

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