What are your favorite money making niches?

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What are your favorite money making niches?

We all love to make money, especially when you can do it from the privacy and comfort of your home. What is your favorite money making niches? Can you please list your favorite money making niches, and give details as to why it's your favorite niche?


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The money making niches that are my favorite are any that I can make passive income off of What are your favorite money making niches?

I like building websites that I can just slap content on and over time they make me a few bucks a day. It's not much, but if you can get 10 posts a week on 10 different websites and they're all pulling in $5 a day, that's $50 a day for not doing much What are your favorite money making niches? You can outsource your content creation and posting so that you don't have to do anything. You can even pay one guy $1 to post 10 optimized articles to your blog or website and still profit a decent amount What are your favorite money making niches? You'll be paying him $10 a week per site and making $30. So if you have 10 websites you can now pay him $100 a week and make $300. The only thing is that the website needs to be making money before this type of method will work. And you'll need to find a good writer that will accept the $1 to write and post the article for you, which is difficult. Now if you're making $20 a day from each of your 10 websites, you can afford to pay someone to write and post and you don't have to be too picky about the price What are your favorite money making niches?

When picking a niche I normally go with something I already like. I have a few animal websites that are specific to a certain animal, I won't target all mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, aliens, etc. lol What are your favorite money making niches? Doing this will take a lot longer to rank in the search engines. If you target a specific animal you can have loads of content on that one thing and have a much higher chance of ranking for tons of keywords. And not only will you rank for a lot of keywords, each click will come in and want to know everything about that one animal What are your favorite money making niches?

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You are a crafty fellow. I tried some other niches, and really had no success. I mean it's not necessarily marking strategy, it's more along the lines of reselling products. I just can't resell other's products. I can be an affiliate and gain earnings from sales, but to actually promote a product, or website that is created by someone else I seem to have issues, and I'll explain why.

I like to create my own products, if I see a product on the market that I can make better I probably would. I'll have far more success in doing this than trying to sell another businesses product. I think it's more of a drive to want to be successful for yourself, so you will try harder. Or at least that is what I believe it is like for me.

Now, if I can only just think of multiple domain names for my services or products in different niches, that takes me entirely too long and usually everything I want is taken. What are your favorite money making niches? I am too much of a perfectionist at times, and it bugs me.. lol

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I agree with Razzy here. When creating websites, I try to make websites that require less management but makes a decent income. I prefer these type of websites and I can’t really name niches because any niche can do this and it depends more on the type of website. I prefer automated websites that can run without much of my attendance and in some cases, I just hire people to do the work for me so that I can earn a passive income by spending a bit of money. For example, you can hire people to manage your forum for you.

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My main line is providing content for forums but I have just realized that earning passive income from YouTube videos is a nice idea. I have lots of active friends in YouTube and I did an experiment of posting a simple video. Well, after promoting it in Facebook, that video got 13 views on the first day. Not bad, considering that it is not a very interesting video at all, just for testing purposes. I have my digital camera and someone can do the editing for me. That’s my plan for now.

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I love blogging.I blog about happenings in the world entertainment news, world news, infotainment, gossips etc

I also post to forums, I like expressing myself
Writing articles, copywriting, guest contribution on blogs and content creation.I just do a little bit of everything to kill boredom.

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