Seller Badge Feature Request: How to Create Your Own Seller Profile Badge?

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Seller Badge Feature Request: How to Create Your Own Seller Profile Badge?

Hello all. I came across an old FAQ for someone that had a feature suggestion for seller badges as a way to get more sales and affiliates. There are already some cool banners or you can create your own to use on blogs, forums and social media etc. But how about a Seller Profile Badge that showed certain things about that seller kind of like how their profile badge does like when you hover over a users username and show things like user level, response time, skills and followers count etc too.

This was suggested before as said is how I found about it back on NYE 2014, Seller Badge Suggestion where he gave you a little concept/sketch image of what it sort of should look like as an example something like this.

Seller Badge Feature Request: How to Create Your Own Seller Profile Badge?

I mentioned there that I like this seller badge idea and that it shouldn't be too hard to create something like that. Whether it was using Javascript or HTML or perhaps some kind of auto updating, self generated PNG file which you could just embed into other places like you would a YouTube video or something such as on forums, blogs or social media sites, web 2 posts etc.

It reminded me of something I used to use wayy back when I used to play BF2 on the PC for a while and I was in some clan on a forum and you could place some link in your sig and it would show a PNG file of all your clan and player stats like kill count, kd ratio etc etc. And you could create your own PNG file background as well. It was a long time ago and I can't remember the script they was using now but I think something like this would be able to done using it or something like it.

I guess something like this could be created with some simple javascript or even php so that you get a link like or whatever depending on what its using and then use that link on places like forums in posts, on blogs in html and on social media sites as well.

I think it would be cool to have different sized ones as well both square, vertical or horizontal banners that updated automatically with the users latest stats or even their latest status update?

Anwebservices suggested this as a feature a while back as well in October 2014 Badges New Feature request. And I think it's time we took that suggestion and idea from concept to working reality! I will have to look into it because I think this could be cool and really useful and helpful for affiliates or sellers to get more sales and affiliates! But I was wondering if something like this could be done with the SEOClerks API too?

What do you think of this seller user profile badge idea/feature suggestion and do you know of any easy ways of doing it? Such as sending to some script that could output a png file from the stats or some other javascript or php script that could do something like that?

Come on guys let's make this a working reality! Seller Badge Feature Request: How to Create Your Own Seller Profile Badge?


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This kind of reminds me of those traffic analyzer snippets you could add to your website in order to show people your daily visitors and total visitors over all. And like you said, there are plenty of gaming forums that do something like this and it looks pretty sweet Seller Badge Feature Request: How to Create Your Own Seller Profile Badge? I've never seen it for a freelancer website and I would think that it could potentially increase sales overall.

For your own website:
I think it would be awesome to add to a blog where someone is talking about online marketing, or whatever they're selling on SeoClerks, and it could bring in their traffic. The best way to do this would to be to link it to your affiliate link just in case someone clicks through to your service but then ends up buying from someone else. By doing this you will still get that 10% commission if they don't purchase from you Seller Badge Feature Request: How to Create Your Own Seller Profile Badge?

For forum signatures:
This would be amazing for forum signatures if SeoClerks had the auto generating image, like you said, in a database or something like that. This way someone wouldn't have to use an entire line of code and add it to their signature but they could just use the image URL where the image updates on it's own. Make it a banner type image that is 468x90 or whatever works for signatures, and it will updated based on the image whenever someone gets a better rating or increases in level.

Those are just two ways people could use this and make a few extra bucks.

What does everyone else think?

- Razzy

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It can be done with Seoclerks API and i have done it for me previously, but for that, members need knowledge how to turn API information in HTML (with PHP probably) and it's complicated for most of them.

I have seen some third party website was offering such thing, but with someone's affiliate ID built in.

While it would not be hard to program some nice javascript where members could click, copy the code and paste in their websites, it would be nice feature to have for many members. (similar as Twitter have, as Everett mentioned in this discussion here)

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Yes it would be nice to have such a thing. It looks professional and is more eye catching too. I would love to have one lol, although I am not any good at what it takes to do it. Maybe something like this could be enabled by the site so as to sort of summarize what a seller is all about nicely and in a summarized yet visually aesthetic manner. As mentioned by Razzy it could really help to increase sales as one will easily see what a particular seller specializes in at a glance, rather than having to search.

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This makes me think of those little javascript addons or plugins that twitter uses to display a brief profile and a tweet feed, correct? If so, I think would be a great idea to implement. However, since you did mention the SEOclerks API you may be able to do this yourself if you have knowledge of PHP and Javascript. You may have more design options if you were to do this yourself with the API. If the site were to actually create this I think it'll use the same bootstrap as the site, and some users like to design according to their website's design.

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