Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are?

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Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are?

By pure accident, I heard about today. I've never heard of it before this day and as I'm not into all this buying & selling domains or sites, I've never used flippa either, but flippa is the only marketplace I've heard of until today.

So, my questions are:
Is similar to flippa, and why should I use sedo in that case?
Have you any experience from flippa or sedo? - What can you tell me about that?

I would love to hear some pros and cons of the two. Which one will be the best option for me?

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No Sedo is more like NameCheap a domain registrar. Although you can sell domains with Sedo too but you can also sell your domain with NameCheap and GodDaddy too using either of their domain marketplaces.

Flippa is a pure domain marketplace for buying and selling domains/websites/apps etc but only domains/websites/apps that already exist. You can't register a new domain with Flippa like you can with Sedo/NameCheap or GoDaddy as it's not a domain registrar.

I do believe there was some talk a while back though about Flippa becoming a domain registrar but there was too many issues with fraud happening on their marketplace and in the end ICANN decided not to give them a license something like that.

Anyway if you are wanting to sell your website, Flippa is the best one to start out on but you can also put the domain up for sale on Sedo too. Come to think of it, I did ask not that long ago where is the best place to sell your website to today and there's some great site suggestions in there if you're looking for some other places to list your domain/sites for sale.

Good luck! Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are?

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Like said above, Sedo is basically a domain registrar. I've landed on a sedo website randomly when I'm trying to find domains for myself. I've looked them up on godaddy or namecheap, and if they're taken I'll look them up by typing the actual domain name into the browser search bar. I've never bought a domain from sedo because anytime I've contacted them about a domain name for sale they always come back with a ridiculous figure and I just laugh and move on Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are? The last domain I contacted them about was for a traffic exchange that I wanted to put up. They came back to me with a quote for $25,000 and I messaged them back saying no thanks. I purchased a domain that was very similar to what I wanted and I only paid like $20 for the year and that came with domain privacy as well Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are? Sedo emailed me back saying they'd be willing to take $22,000 for the domain and I emailed back saying "Oh Boy! $22,000 for a domain that should cost a few hundred!" I then added the domain name that I purchased and told them no thanks Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are?

So in the end, no sedo isn't like flippa because you can only buy domains from sedo or put your domains up for sale. The only downside is that every time I've attempted to purchase something from sedo they want a ludacris amount for something that shouldn't cost more than a few hundred.

You don't need to spend a ridiculous amount for a domain. Buy something similar for $20 or less and brand it yourself ;)

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I'm going to go with Flippa, I know you want to hear arguments of sedo, and flippa, but I find flippa to be more fair. As Razzy suggested, Sedo has insane prices, they have such a mark up it's not even funny. However Flippa's domain prices seem to be well researched, and due to competition, prices are fairly low. I tried sedo in the past and had little to no success. I guess it ultimately depends on where the traffic is, and how steep competition is. You could try both, and see what happens, however I predict more success on Flippa.

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Sedo is a domain market place, flippa is a market for buying and selling domains and websites.
Some of the commentators above said sedo is a domain registrar just like namecheap. I will have to disagree with this. Sedo is not a domain registrar, you cannot register a domain with sedo. However, sedo is a domain market place similar to the domain marketplace namecheap or go daddy has.
You can also use sedo to park your domain.
ON flippa you list your domain or website and wait for someone to pick it up.

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