Webmaster Tools - to crawl url or url and all links?

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Webmaster Tools - to crawl url or url and all links?

I have a question about Google Webmaster Tools. When I ask Google to fetch new content which option should I choose and what is the difference between fetching the URL or fetching the URL and its links?

Someone told me that if my post has affiliate links in it that I should only fetch the URL but if there are no affiliate links I should fetch the URL and its links.

Someone else told me to only use fetch URL and its links when it is a really important post... however these obviously often have affiliate links in them.

How come you can only fetch the URL and its links 10 times a month?

I am looking forward to some insight on this as this has confused me for quite some time.


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When you choose fetch the URL in search console (Google webmaster tools) it mean it will crawl only one page and actually only page you submit. If you choose fetch the URL and it's links, it will crawl that submitted page and all pages linked from that page, and all other pages linked to that pages, so in one shot you can crawl whole website if it's all linked as it spouse to be.

That's why there is limitation by Google to fetch the URL and links, because there is websites with thousands and thousands of pages linked on same domain.

And regarding having affiliate links, i am not sure why is that problem, i have numerous affiliate store websites and non of them is banned by Google for it, but someone else maybe have better explanation on that part

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Ah ok, now it makes total sense why they have a limit! Thank you so much for that explanation.

I will use that when I have a post with lots of links to and from the url then.

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