Any chance for new people that want to freelance?

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Any chance for new people that want to freelance?

Freelancing s becoming very saturated and with lot of repetition. But, who are the ones getting jobs? Very likely, only more well established freelancers are being hired. So, is there any chance that new comers will be able to do freelancing?


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This is a good question! It is harder to become a successful new freelancer these days due to all the competition but nothing is impossible. Firstly, there are some guides you may want to check on:

These guide are definitely something you should read if you want to become a better seller and as someone who is starting off, being a good seller is important because in such a competitive market, time is money and the more you learn today, the more likely you will become a successful freelancer in a shorter period of time. For new freelancers, it would help if you can get advice from someone more experienced. Everyone started as a new freelancer so definitely, nowadays you can still have success being a new freelancer although it is much tougher and more work needs to be put in.

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Hello sanfora,
It is indeed very possible for new freelancers to become established sellers and gain sales, get recurring customers and make a living online. Like you said, it's obviously easier for an already established seller to get more sales compared to a new freelancer, but it's still very likely as long as you provide quality, treat your freelancing career as a business and as long as you're acting as a professional.

I would recommend any freelancer to read these FAQs. Especially new freelancers:
The 5 Most Common Mistakes Freelancers Make
Life As a Freelancer: The Myths And Realities

Best Regards,

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There is equal chance for everyone to become freelancer at any time, even now. It never was easy task to appear on international market and compete with hundreds of thousands of competitors, but for smart people who willing to learn quickly, who have clear vision and who want to work hard, there is always chance to become successful. It's not just about freelancing but same like any other business you are starting from scratch. Risk is highly involved in any business and nobody promise you success in any business, but people starting every day and only strong and highly motivated people surviving. Same is in local business, but specially on international market.

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Hi sanfora thanks for your very good question. Freelancer or freelancing nowadays very buzz word in our country and I think even over the world. And huge people now in attraction for freelancing job. Yes I am sure it is not easy to establish on marketplace or some how as freelancing profession. But I believe it is very much possible to establish in this sector. Just need to follow some proper guideline. Beside for becoming this sector, you must to have some good skills. And precondition is he has to communication skill. And need to know value of service. And over all have to study a lot of and hard working.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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I think that anyone can start off as long as he has the commitment and potential to do it well. You cannot say that there are more experienced people out there and there is no room for you. This is true in every aspect, including the job market if you are a graduate fresh out of university and are trying to find a job. You need to start somewhere. Eventually older and experienced workers/freelancers will retire, and eventually you would start getting more buyers. The key is to be optimistic about it, offer a good quality service and you will then improve and earn more as you go along.

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I am a buyer and not a seller so I can't give you feedback regarding from a sellers point of view. I am sure it is getting harder to get noticed as a freelancer but I always believe nothing is impossible.

What do I can tell you is that if you provide a great service, at a reasonable price and build up a good relationship with your customers you will be noticed. If I get all those things from a seller I am very loyal.

The difficulty of course would be getting those first few customers.

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There is always a chance for anyone willing to join freelancing any day, but there is need to understand that it is one in which the person shouldn't expect free money to fall from the sky.

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I agree that the number of freelancers is growing every day but competition is not getting stiff because opportunities are also growing. That is the law of progress, when demand grows, supplies tend to grow as well and vice versa. That means newcomers to the field of freelancing are welcome and they have the chance to improve if needed.

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The sky is big enough for anyone to fly, no matter how saturated a career or field is there's always still space for new comers to have to work.The only snag is that one must be very good to compete with already established freelancers.There's always room for anyone but don't try to blend in but stands out that's the only way,you're sure of winning.

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