How can I get back my suspended Twitter accounts?

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How can I get back my suspended Twitter accounts?

Both of my Twitter accounts were recently suspended; one old and one new. I want to get both accounts back as there are many friends on both accounts that I don't want to lose as well as business contacts.


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Hi , you will find all needed information about suspended accounts here :

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Yeah, contacting support is needed and verifying phone number could help. However it can take time to do, but if you have nice amount of followers, it still worth trying. Twitter support is not so fast in answering, specially to these support tickets. AND make sure in future you follow twitter rules!

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And, the same thing happened to me on my own personal Twitter account that I used for my old forum. I got really busy with the forum and never used the Twitter account and one day wanted to login and could not. I think they might have suspended it for inactivity. Possibly there would be a way for me to just recover the account. I don't really have anything of value on that account so I would likely start a new one as it's just for personal use.

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Hi itsoul. Thanks for letting us know your concern. And this situation often created for several reason of violation of twitter rules. It does not matter are your twitter account new or old or how much followers you have etc? And most common violation I can say very much tweet within short period and if you do such activity regularly. And if you try to promote other website link also very often and if you continues do such things for long, you should get restricted. And most of the freelancer do such things for social exchange for tweet, re-tweet and for like or follower. So, think first before contact with twitter, did you make such kind of violation on twitter? If so, you may very little chance to get back your account.Despite of I say never give up. Try to contact with twitter, they may help you to get back your both accounts

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As far as I know Twitter suspends accounts when there have been instances of abusive tweets, or it was spammy, or to safeguard the user from possible malicious activity. A Twitter account can be unsuspended, depending on the reason the suspension was affected. If you are able to log into your account you would probably see prompts whereby you would be instructed to enter your email address or phone number for confirmation. If the account is locked it could be that this is a temporary measure until they look into reports they might have got of spamming or some sort of abusive behavior. In case you are facing these problems you should appeal to have your account unsuspended.

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