Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotions

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Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotions


I found that dailymortion is ranked higher and much better in some keywords than youtube videos, Do you think that dailymotion isbetter than youtube?


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Rank better on where? If you are referring to search engines, then it is hard to tell. If it was Google, then I would place my bets on YouTube since YouTube is owned by Google so they will probably rank better. On other search engines, I would also say YouTube since YouTube seems to be more reputable and popular than Daily Motion.

If you are referring to videos ranking better on Daily Motion than Youtube for specific keywords, then that is not surprising since YouTube is more popular so it is harder to rank on it due to all the competition.

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I've always had my youtube videos rank higher after I do a basic SEO campaign to the URL where my video is.

I'm not saying that dailymotion can't rank higher, I've just had better experience with youtube.

I do get both ranked because I'll run similar campaigns on the video I posted to both youtube and dailymotion Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotions I'll upload the video to both platforms but I'll have slightly different titles and descriptions on each one. Actually wherever I upload a video I'll tweak the titles and descriptions so there's a good chance I'll be able to get all the videos ranked for the same keywords Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotions

The best thing about this is that you can't really get penalized for the SEO and backlinks you're building towards the video since it's on a 3rd party platform. And even if you see a drop in your rankings after posting your videos and building links, you can always take down the video or remove your links and that will fix everything Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotions And then you can upload it again under a different title and description lmao Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotions

I do love youtube for rankings but there are so many other types of video platforms out there that you should target as well.

A few other websites you can upload to and get your video ranked:


The videos above range from personal videos to tv shows that people can upload. Be sure to do your research before uploading because you could just be wasting your time because your video may get rejected due to what you're trying to do. You won't have a high success rate of getting a home video on a website that wants to post tv shows, and vice versa ;)

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Hmm well do you have or can you provide any samples of such videos sanfora?

Are you sure those same videos are on YouTube with the same keywords or on-page video content?

You also appear to be asking 2 questions in that you're asking which site is better or do you mean which site is better in terms of ranking?

Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotionshi

I found that dailymortion is ranked higher and much better in some keywords than youtube videos, Do you think that dailymotion isbetter than youtube?

Actually, naturally YouTube is going to rank better because of several largely contributing factors. Firstly, because it's a part of Google and Google will always want YouTube to rank higher than some 3rd party video site. And also because YouTube has a much bigger and stronger link profile than DailyMotion does. So if links are what matters when it comes to ranking, YouTube out performs DailyMotion massively on that front as it has a lot more.

"" search in Google shows 1,220,000,000 (one billion, 220 million) results
"" -siteWho ranks better- youtube or search shows 17,200,000 results.
"" search in Google shows 92,500,000 (92 million, 500 thousand) results.

So YouTube has 1,202,800,000 (1 billion 2 hundred and 2 million, 800k more backlinks/citations etc than Dailymotion and has 1,127,500,000 (1 billion, 127 million, 500k) more backlinks/citations etc than Vimeo.

As for age. YouTube started on February 14, 2005 after Vimeo in November 2004. DailyMotion started on March 15th, 2005 but both never went truly viral until a few years later as opposed to YouTube which has been popular since about day 1.

So it should be YouTube that ranks higher than DailyMotion for something. But it all also depends on when the video was uploaded that contained the keywords you're comparing the results from. Because Google always ranks the site where those keywords were first so if those just happen to be in a DailyMotion video than it's going to rank that video higher over another similar YouTube video that contains the same keywords in places but was uploaded at a later date. After all a video is just a webpage to Google anyway.

So that's why I ask if you can provide which video or videos you're comparing or the keywords you're searching where you're seeing this so we can look at these metrics and find out a bigger picture as to what's really going on. But you never reply in any of your faqs so I'm not going to hold my breath for them. ;)

Now if you're asking which video is better from the terms of a user perspective. Then I would probably say that it was YouTube as well because of many different reasons. The first one being that it's free also you can earn money with YouTube and Google's Adsense program. They both have their own pros and cons and advantages or disadvantages but generally more people will pick YouTube over Vimeo recognize them more as a brand they can identify with more as well.

Overall I prefer YouTube to DailyMotion because of the bigger community on it and more but I also like Vimeo as well and think that they can both rank higher than each other provided the video is older than the proceeding one but YouTube is the best IMHO! Who ranks better- youtube or dailymotions

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Well this is the first time I have even heard of Daily Motion... maybe I have been living under a rock lol.

So in my opinion I would say Youtube is better. It is certainly bigger than any other site for video. I have been ranking beautifully on Youtube (and often Google too) and I have only started this year with Youtube. Ranking is not rocket science and if I can do it so can you.

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There is no doubt that YouTube is more well known, however DailyMotion is regarded as offering higher quality videos and it is gaining in popularity as well. Even though you should not avoid using DailyMotion, I would recommend sticking with YouTube because at the end of the day it should help you rank better since;

  1. It has a stronger link profile.
  2. Many feel that Google skews search results in favor of YouTube.
  3. Most audiences are going to use YouTube no matter what.
  4. If you try to see their respective viewership there is no denying that YouTube outranks DailyMotion drastically.

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This is the first time I’ve heard of Daily Motion and my understanding is that it is another depository of videos like Youtube or Vimeo. With the ranking of videos on Youtube and Daily Motion I guess it is Youtube that is supreme because it is a bigger site and search engines will surely give it a priority when there is a search of videos. Only when the searched video is not present in Youtube that the search will proceed to Daily Motion.

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