Do landing pages help in conversions?

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Do landing pages help in conversions?

When advertising and you need leads, will using landing pages help in convertions or should you use direct link to be more effective?


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This is a good question! I think this depends on your ad. If you have a banner ad with limited information, then I think a landing page will be better because you will be providing more information to the audience which will increase their chance of buying your product. On the other hand, if your ad has a detailed description and the ads has all the relevant information, then a direct link is probably good enough. However, I think landing pages will work well for both scenarios so landing page is the one I prefer. However, if your products page is very detailed, a direct link is also fine.

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I've always built some of my sub pages as landing pages that are specific to where I'm trying to advertise.

Right now I have a facebook ad running and anyone that clicks through my ad to my site they will end up on a page that was created solely to talk to people coming from facebook. The page says something along the lines of "Thanks for parting from facebook for a few moments to check us out! We really appreciate it Do landing pages help in conversions? " This shows that I know that they were just on facebook and I'm also thanking them for taking some time to check out my website. So by already thanking them for coming to my site they feel glad, I hope, that they came to my page. Making a great first impression is the one thing you should learn to do because you can never re-do it Do landing pages help in conversions?

I do the same thing for my email campaigns if I'm launching a new service. I'll always give my previous clients a chance to sign up first since I tend to have limited spots available. I'll blast out an email and I'll send them to a specific page about how I'm happy they were a client in the past, or still are, and that I have a new service coming out that they get first dibs on. This shows that I appreciate them as a client and I want them to have the first chance to sign up for something amazing Do landing pages help in conversions? I do lose a few people every time I blast out an email, but that's normal.

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Razzy I've heard a lot about how landing pages are so great. How on earth do I create one though? I have tried looking at this before but I got so confused that I gave up completely.
I don't want to spend thousands on landing pages. I have heard that Lead Pages is really good, do you think they are worth the money?
How do you do yours?

Sorry for all the questions!

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I would prefer to have landing page. Landing pages offer various benefits.
Advertising efforts will be measured more efficiently with good landing pages. By using tools such as Google Analytics, and Adsense you would be able to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Other benefits of using landing page advertising include:

  1. A higher paid placement
  2. More click through rates
  3. You can be more creative
  4. You can better use it if you want to do some testing
  5. If you optimize the landing page to allow one to fill out a form, you will be able to analyze the data you get, and this will help you to determine who your audience is in terms of demographics etc.

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