How to earn revenuue with mobile application?

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How to earn revenuue with mobile application?

Applications for mobile phones is not something i have done so far, but i am interesting into this field. I also learned that many app makers, making a big revenue by creating their apps so i am interested to know what should be done or how actually to make earnings by having own application on Google play store?

If you done this before, i would love to here some advices so i can start making drafts of my application which i have in mind. Thank you.


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First off you would need a good app that will become popular. You'll at least need 1,000 active users to see any type of revenue coming in.

So before you start thinking about how you can make money with an app you need to think of an app concept that people will download and play non stop How to earn revenuue with mobile application? Easy to learn apps can become addicting if there are levels or any type of progression that can be made. The more progression the person makes, the more difficult the game or app gets. You can also make informative apps that can become more popular, but games are downloaded more and can see more profit in the long run. A simple game that I saw was a piano game the sped up the longer you played. If you missed a note you would lose and have to start over. The farther you got, the more points you would gain and you could unlock certain features.

Start simple, but addictive ;)

After you get an app up and running that you think will be a hit, you'll need to figure out if you want it to be a free app or a paid app. Free apps with ads on them are downloaded much more often than paid apps. This is mainly because people are willing to download a free app and check it out but not willing to pay $0.99 to check something out, which makes sense.

So on your free app you can run either admob for android or iAd for IOS.

admob: This is for android mobile apps and can place ads where you want them to be. This is similar to adsense and how it shows relevant ads to people on your app. When someone clicks on your ad, you make some money. The amount you make depends on the niche and how much the advertiser is paying per click or measure.

iAd: This is for IOS or Apple phones and can put advertisements on your apps for people to click. This is the same concept as admob, see the above description ;)

NOTE: iAd will only be available until July 1, 2016 so most of the people reading this will have to use a 3rd party service to place ads on their IOS apps.

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Oh thank you for this great info. Yeah i was thinking about free to download application, but didn't really know about admob and iAd which can be good to use for revenue. Actually i had in mind some informative application, but as you say, games are far more popular for downloading and trying by lot more people, so i am trying to think of some good idea like game, but also i would like to probably combine my informative idea and game somehow, to get better results and something new on the market. Thank you for sharing your advice on this topic.

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I made a short research on how to make apps because I also have that idea that you can make money with apps. It can be free at first but the sequels or subsequent apps can be a paid up if you have established your reputation already. However, I need Java and some other coding platform to be able to make apps. That’s a bummer because I have no more time to study unlike before when I was younger with a lot of free time. So I have junked that idea of making money with apps.

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