What can I do for irresponsible client?

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What can I do for irresponsible client?

A buyer purchased a facebook comments service from me. And I commented on his/her provided link.But During comments time I have noticed that some of my previous comments has been deleted.I asked that why you deleted my comments any specific reason? But he/she did not any reply yet.
I have all screenshot of comments.
Actually I'm deeply concern, If I deliver this order and if I get any negative review from this buyer.How to seoclerks help me?
And what can I do in this situation? Please advice me.



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Hi sftechno thanks for your concerned and open a question on publicly regarding a buyer issue. Nowadays lot of buyer go away after purchasing any service, so do not worry, he/she may get back just wait sometimes or days. But question is did you contact with him/her about your issue? If you did so, just wait for him for further response. After wait sometimes or days, if he/she will not contact with you and if you have completed order in the mean time or if deadline will over. I should say deliver order with all proof which you done for him. And if buyer will leave negative feedback, Just contact again with him about previous all issues. Try to persuade as your level best. If you unable to solve problem with mutually, you can contact with help desk with all evidence, I think if everything alright decision will go in favor of you. Or, you can cancel order, without any hassle. Do not forget one negative feedback may damage your mass business for further.

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Keep your screenshots as a proof that you provided service as it's described on your sales page. Probably still wait for your buyer to respond to your question about deleting some comments, as they may not be appropriate for some reason and you could probably replace them... In any other case, after completing your work, if there is some more problems, you may submit ticket to help desk and try to resolve your problem, but don't forget to provide all proof about work you have done for your buyer!

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I am really not sure what you can do about this. I can understand it would be very upsetting for sure. I am sure that if you have proof of the job done then you can dispute it?

I do know that you get an opportunity to rate a buyer after the job is completed. I would contact SEO Clerks and ask for advice.

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I am sorry that the buyer did not provide an explanation as to why he deleted your comments. Try contacting him again and ask for an explanation.
It could be that he was not satisfied with the content or quality of the comments? There must be some reason.
It is a good thing that you have a screenshot of your work. I suggest you contact support staff and explain this to them so that maybe they can see what might have gone wrong and make sure that you get paid for what your delivered if this was something that is wrong from the buyer's side.

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Hello sftechno,
As long as you've delivered exactly what you state within your service description, and as long as you provide evidence like screenshots from your conversations and deliveries, you should be just fine. Even if you receive a negative feedback, the SEOClerks support would most likely help you and delete it, if you have done everything you claimed to be doing.

Negative feedbacks are obviously something one should avoid at all costs but some buyers are just like the one you are facing right now, and these people won't be able to hurt your business as long as you keep your cool and do what you can to please them.

Best Regards,

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