Please help with tick bite

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Please help with tick bite

This morning, I found a small tick on the back of my knee. There was lots of blood there and I mistakenly pulled the tick off my skin before I realized what it was. Now there is a big red bruise on the vein spot where it bit me and I have burning on the back of my leg. The entire area behind my knee hurts a lot. I have washed off the area with soap, but not sure what to do now. I'm very worried.


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Call your doctor and see what they suggest. Tick bites are nothing to mess around with.

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Disinfect the area with alcohol or other strong astringent. Keep your wound clean. Visit your doctor as soon as you can to ensure that you are not infected with Lyme disease as this can cause serious health problems.

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I hope you are feeling better now and have no adverse lingering side effects from the tick bite. And, I understand how that feels and how much pain you were in.

We live very close to the woods here, in a country like setting so it's not unusual for ticks to be in the area. Tick bites on the legs are common. Especially easy enough to pick up one if you go walking through the leaves.

I am constantly having to check my outdoor cats to make sure they don't have a tick.

In the past, I was bit by a tick too. And yes it was extremely painful healing from that.

My right leg had shooting pains from the area where I was bit. I could not walk for a week.

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Wait a minute. Are you sure that it is a tick that bit you? From what I know, ticks don't bite people. In order to bite, they have to attach themselves to the skin of the host which is hairy to support their weight. In short, ticks only bite hairy animals like dogs and cats. I am guessing that it is a bedbug that bit you. Our home was infiltrated by bedbugs last month. We have no idea how they came about. Anyway, what we use to deaden the itchy bite on the skin is to apply apple cider vinegar. Wet a piece of cotton with vinegar and press it on the bitten area. The red spot will be gone in 5 minutes and the venom, if there is, will be neutralized.

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Generally, a thick bite doesn't mean a serious thread. If you are concerned about the spot, then keep it clean, use some alcohol, take some Tylenol for the pain, and apply some Neosporin on the bite. The concern about a thick bite is the possible risk of a general disease, like Lyme Disease. In that case you can try to call your physician for some consideration, but as long as I know, a thick bite is not a big deal.

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Seeking medical attention can be useful in such situations to avoid using a self-medication that might end up causing more harm to your knee.

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