How do I get rid of loose belly skin after pregnancy?

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How do I get rid of loose belly skin after pregnancy?

I had my baby eight months ago and have lost lots of pregnancy weight since then. However, my belly skin is very loose now and doing sit ups has not helped remove that. Is there a way to get rid of loose belly skin after pregnancy?


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Tips for get rid of loose belly skin after pregnancy?

You've just had a baby. You thought your tummy would be back to normal by your 6-week postpartum checkup, but instead you have loose skin and belly flab. How do you get your tummy back in shape and get rid of the loose skin where you tummy used to be? Follow our tips to help you tighten up your tummy.

Lose weight slowly.

If you want to make your belly firmer, you will need to lose body fat. You may be anxious to rid yourself of the extra baby weight, but make sure you are doing it in a healthy way. Losing weight quickly will only add to the problem of loose skin. If you lose weight quickly you will lose both fat and muscle. Muscle helps your stomach to keep it's shape. Your skin needs time to adjust to it's new shape when you lose weight. If you loose it too quickly, you may just end up with even more loose skin. Allow your skin time to regain it's elasticity. Aim for losing around 1-2 lbs per week.


You may have heard that you can't spot reduce, or burn fat from just one area of your body. When you burn fat, you burn it all over. If you want to get your tummy back in shape, doing cardiovascular exercise is the way to do it. Aim for doing some type of cardio for at least 20 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week.


If you want to build muscle, protein is the thing to eat. Not only is it good for muscle growth, but it also contains important nutrients that help your skin, such as collagen. How much protein you need depends on your weight as well as how much physical activity and strength training you do. Most women need around 50 grams of protein a day. If you are more active, you may need more.

Lotion and massage

Use a lotion on your skin that contains collagen, as well as vitmins E, A, C, and K to help firm up loose skin. When you apply the lotion massage it in. Massaging will improve blood flow to the area which helps your skin to appear firmer. Try massaging lotion to any loose skin once or twice a day.

Strength train

What does strength training have to do with loose skin? Strength training will help improve your over all muscle tone and will give your more lean muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Morever, strength training will improve your body composition (the percentage of lean muscle to body fat). Improving your body composition, will reduce fat not just along your waist, but all over your body.


Want an easy way to tighten loose skin? Try exfoliating. Get an exfoliating scrub and scrub your belly with it each time you get in the shower. Exfoliating helps to improve circulation and regenerate new, healthier, more elasatic skin. Give it a try!


There are so many good reasons to drink water. Water will help hydrate your skin, making it more elastic. It will help your body to burn calories more effectively. On top of that, it will help reduce water retention in your belly area, which may make the appearance of loose skin less noticable. If you haven't been drinking your H20, here's a good reason to start.


Many women try to get their tummy back in shape by doing crunches. Crunches are fine, but they may not be enough to get that loose skin to tighten up. Planks are an isometric exercise. When you do them, you suck in your tummy and hold it tight. This process of sucking in and tightening will do wonders for your belly. Start by doing 2 or 3 planks and holding them for 15 seconds. Work up to doing 30 second and 1 minute planks. Here's how to do a plank.

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Hi, Avellana I am sorry to disappoint you, but there are small chances for you to have the same belly as you did before to get pregnant. I know this because my wife gave birth to our first child and she went to the gym for over a year, and she did lose a lot from her tummy fat it could not be as before. You must work hard and go to a gym, and you will lose a lot from your belly fat, but you will not lose weight if you make home exercise, it works better and faster if you go to a gym and use their training!

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Well, every time I see those actresses on TV, over 40, that just had twins, and have those super abs, I wonder... what the heck is happening here? So, I had the chance to meet a national public person, who had her kid at 50, yes, 50 years old, and I was so envious, couldn't believe her body shape. She told me she had to do massive work out, I'm taking about Cardio and weightlifting. But she was totally convinced her success was her diet, she did something called alcaline or basic diet, everything that gets rid of acid food. Of course she was checked by a physician all the way, but she is looking super incredible fit, and her kid only has 2 years old.

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I don't think you have many natural options than just exercising to firm up.You could keep up sitting up and doing cardio to firmed up abit but if you still do not like what you can speak to beauty surgeons for more advice or surgery.

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Planks and the exercise that involves upper body muscles is the way to go. You can't specifically target belly. But you can do some upper body massage and the exercise that can get rid of the fat. You may have to focus on fat burning of overall body. This way you'd lose both upper body and lower body fat in due process. I have done walking and also some meditation and yoga. To some extent it does work regardless of your current fat condition, age and gender.

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I would suggest keeping fit can help. Also, try changing the meal you take and prefer more of fruits so as to get back to shape in no distance time. By changing your diet and keeping fit, you're on your way to getting your normal body shape back.

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If you do not want to resort to the minor surgery called tummy tuck then your only choice is an exercise to strengthen the muscles and skin of your belly. The sit-up is very good for the loose skin of your belly but it will take time before you see some results. My sister did that when she gave birth to her youngest child. She would do some running but sit-up was her main exercise because her target was her belly.

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