Natural cures and remedies

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Natural cures and remedies

I'm a big fan of any natural or holistic remedy versus using over the counter medications to treat symptoms as these OTC products can cause harmful side effects.

Here is one of my favorite sites for natural remedies. Please share a natural cure or remedy for illness.


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Milk weed is supposedly a cure for warts. Though you might want to use caution when using it as it's also considered a toxin.

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Let me share some of our home remedy. For fever, it is the cold compress or the tepid sponge bath to make the fever subside. For common colds with clogged or runny nose, a hot citrus drink which you sip slowly will ease your suffering. For muscle pains, it is the hot compress. As much as possible, we avoid taking medications, not for saving money but for health reasons. Home remedies like the proverbial chicken soup still works so why not use them instead of turning to tablets and pills?

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When it comes to natural cures and remedies, I feel like there needs to be a limit. Yes I agree that certain disorders and illnesses can certainly be cured through the use of natural remedies. On the other hand, I would not depend on natural cures for serious diseases such as cancer, as they are never guaranteed to work and you can actually end up digging yourself into a deeper hole.

That being said, I stand by a natural remedy for curing insomnia, and that is valerian root tea. I've had problems with sleep for the longest time, and they only began to go away when I started drinking valerian root tea. It really does wonders.

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The natural cure for stomach ache is always sieving bitter leaf juice for me. I am that type of person that used to have stomach ache all the time, but since I developed the habit if taking bitter leaf juice, things got better for me in life.

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Personally, I don't agree with natural remedies all the way. I think is better if we follow doctor's indication, but also put some natural help on it. Let's face it, whether we like it or not, medicines were created for our health, mostly all of them come from plants and natural sources, but they went into chemical modification, lab research, testing, so we can use them in a proper dose. So, we can take advantage on what research has brought us, and also keep our grannies home remedies alive, there's nothing wrong with using both of them.

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Same with me,years ago I bought a book that contains most common ailment and it remedy and I found the book very useful and valuable.When I came online initially I also checked out natural remedies and wrote them down, so that I go the natural way than taking drugs.For cough one should take a tablespoon of honey.For dizziness,it shows the body is stressed one should just rest, for headache one should place cold packs on the forehead etc.

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