Does your bank automatically log you out?

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Does your bank automatically log you out?

Whenever I am on my bank account online, it logs me out if I am inactive for more than five minutes. Is this common?


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Yes, for few banks it's very common this is for your security only! every time you remain inactive your session expires and you have to login again.

- Sunil Bishnoi

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This is for your own protection as you might be using your bank account in public. What if you were to walk away from your computer even for five minutes or just forget to log out and then someone sits down at the computer and can gain access to your bank account? For that reason, it's always good to only access your bank account from home and then only with a bank that cares enough to log you out regularly.

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Hi Avery,

My bank only allows to me access my account within the window it opens that doesn't have tabs, etc. If I ignore it for around a minute I get logged out.

I can be annoying at times but ultimately It's all about security, if you happen to leave it open publicly for whatever reason it doesn't take more than a couple of minutes for someone to do some serious damage so that will definitely help prevent those kind of scenarios.


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Our bank has an added security measure when loggin in. It will send a code to the cellphone or the user can answer the challenge question which you yourself had set in the registration. That is to assure the bank that it is you who is logging in. After using and you just leave it like that, there is a 2-minute lag and your account will be logged off by the system. If you were the one using and had left the system for 2 minutes then you need to log in again.

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Automatic logging out is a common security feature in most of the online bank accounts. However, automatic logging out can also be reset in the setting, if there is this feature in your account. Some banks allow the users to set their account preferences according to their own choice. If there is this feature, you can disable automatically logging out in five minutes. Automatic logging out is also common when there is no activity in the account for few minutes.

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